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Therapist for grandparent guardian

Oct 2011

Hello. I am a grandmother with guardianship of a grandchild. I am seeking a recommendation for a therapist to help me to set limits with the child's parents who have a history of substance abuse and mental illness and for general support for my own feelings, stress and grief about the situation. needs support

You can contact Family Support Services of the Bay Area ( 510.834.2443. They are a non-profit agency that provides a variety of services to relatives who are providing kinship care: including support groups, therapy, respite and youth activities. Pat

Dr. Simone Taylor on Telegraph near Alcatraz should be able to help. She has worked with children and families including families with broken homes. She helped us. Dad

Hi, I was in your situation and had custody of my grandchild. While I did not find a helpful therapist, I did join Al-anon and learned a lot about setting and sticking to boundaries. There are many many meetings locally, just google Al- Anon. It has helped me more than any therapist ever did.

Also, in the meetings I met other older adults who had guardianship over young children due to substance abuse issues--and made fast friends with one in particular. I know she has received excellent free therapy on your topic from (I think) Contra Costa Children's Services thought the elementary school referral. Ask the moderator for my email address and I will be happy to put you two in touch. Been There