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Biofeedback for 7-year-old's potty training

Feb 2008

Our son is starting biofeedback for his stool training this Friday with Dr. Susan Spence. She's located at Stanford and an office in Weed. Not sure if anyone has ever met her or gone through her. My question is..has anyone ever used biofeedback for training a child in potty training? Our son has been on Mirilax and choco. Exlax for a year now and he's finally regular. The next part is potty time. He's been afraid since he's been little and goes in a Pull-up when it's time. Kinda at our wit's end, I don't want this to affect him when he's older. Any success with therapy for potty training? Thank you so much m

Our son has had encopresis and we did biofeedback training with Susan Spence as well. She is wonderful and it did help him build strength in his pelvic floor and become more engaged with his bodily functions. As you well know, there is no easy fix and it takes a lot of patience. Our son is now 7 and he is doing much better, although we still need to monitor that he is having regular bowel movements every day. To deal with the emotional/mental side of this condition, I would recommend working with a psychologist who has had experience with encropresis. Susan Spence or your pediatrician should be able to recommend someone. Hang in there. I know it can be highly frustrating.

Biofeedback for panic attacks?

April 2006

Hi, I am posting this for a friend. Her daughter (in her early 20s) is struglling with panic attacks for a few years now. She is looking for recommendations for therapies/techniques that worked for pepole, and specifically, if anyone have had good/bad experience with biofeedback, will be glad to hear about it. Any suggestions for specific specialists in hte east bay would be grear. thanks, Daniela.

I went to a biofeedback therapist in San Rafael, off of 4th street, in the early 90s because of carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injuries. I did wonders for me. I am not pro medicine and biofeedback really helped me. The therapist would be put sensors on my muscle so i could see the results on the screen afterwards. She was wonderful. I still use the technique when I am stressed out or cold or can't sleep and I relax, warm up within 5 minutes. It is a mind set. I believe in it 100%. Her practice was within a doctor's office with physical therapy. He is known in the RSI community. Catherine

I do not know anything about biofeedback but I have been seeing a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist for almost a year to deal with panic attacks. It is extremely helpful and has reduced my attacks to manageable levels. I am also reading a book now called ''The Worry Cure'' by Robert Leahy. It is very helpful in explaining anxiety. I do not take any medication and do not think it is necessary as I have had such good results with therapy. Both my medical doctor and my therapist agree that many anti-anxiety meds are contraindicated for panic disorder. Good luck to your friend's child. I know how debilitating panic attacks can be. Calmer