Seeking an Asian Therapist

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Couples counselor for Asian American couple

August 2006

My partner and I are looking for an experienced couples counselor who is direct, whip-smart, seasoned, and not touchy-feely. We don't need someone who validates our perspective, but would like someone to be able to help us communicate, clarify, and provide us with effective tools for conflict resolution and management. We would also prefer a counselor of color, or someone with experience in working with couples from differing cultural backgrounds (specifically Asian American). Someone who might have a sliding scale (up to $100 per session) would be ideal. Thanks very much for any recommendations you might have! anon

I recommend calling a colleague of mine, Miwako Ishi who is an experienced Asian therapist. She appreciates diversity-related issues, is well trained in psychotherapy, and offers a great combination of wise, helpful remarks while being empathic and connected. She works with couples, and also works well with substance abuse issues and speaks Japanese. She can be reached at (510)835-6341. Shira

Therapist for young SE Asian woman with depression

August 1999

We are looking for recommendations for a psychiatrist or psychiatrist/therapist combination. The problem is more than what a therapist would handle upfront. We have been given this advice by 2 other therapists.

The patient is a woman in mid-twenties from South East Asia and her main problem is depression.

So, we are preferably looking for a woman doctor and someone who is sensitive to cultural issues, located in the Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda area, or even downtown SF (near bart). Thanks in advance.

Check out the Oakland Asian American Mental Health Center at 310 8th Street, Suite 201, tel:510-869-6020. Director is Alan Shinn. They have counselors and credentialed therapists who are Asian American, bilingual in various Asian languages, and they are culturally sensitive in their approach and understanding of Asian cultures. They have been around for quite a few years and I have heard good things about them. If they can't help then I'm sure they can direct you to a similiar service in San Francisco. Good luck. Victoria