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    I am looking for current recommendations on Feldenkrais practitioners in the Berkeley/Richmond/Concord areas. I have started exploring the group classes, but I'd like to also work with someone one-on-one. Thank you for your help,

    You can contact Naoko at Yuzu Bodywork in Berkeley. She offers classes as well as a private sessions. 


    Elyse Shafarman is a phenomenal AT teacher, especially for dancers and other performers. She teaches in Berkeley and SF. If you’re willing to drive a little farther, Evelyn Hess (AT) is also good and in Oakland. She helped me throughout my pregnancy— I didn’t need any massages or chiropractic adjustments the entire 41+ weeks. I haven’t studied Feldenkrais in the Bay Area, but I know Stacey Pelinka personally. She is a Feldenkrais practitioner and a wonderful human. She works with players from the SF Symphony and also teaches in Berkeley. Hope this helps!

    Ernie Adams is knowledgeable and fun. He started as a Feldenkrais practitioner and then added Pilates. I recommend him highly. See http://www.userfriendlypilates.com/ernie-adams-blog/?doing_wp_cron=15712...

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I am looking for an Alexander Technique instructor for private sessions in The Oakland Berkeley Area. Specifically I want help with posture issues. Thanks Leonard

I would like to recommend Elyse Shafarman for Alexander Technique. She is located in North Berkeley. You can learn more about her from her website at http://www.bodyproject.us/ Leo

I have had extremely good results from Laura Klein. Her knowledge and experience as an Alexander practitioner, and her background as a musician, met my needs perfectly. I believe her website is www.lauraklein.net LndS