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  • I have a sister who has had psychiatric issues for several years. She is employed and lives alone on the East Coast. For several years, I have been her sole family support system as she does not get along with our other sister and our brother passed away. Recently, she developed some very strange paranoid beliefs about me and began sending me long, angry text and email messages accusing me of thinking that she is evil. These messages increased in intensity to the point where they were frightening and I blocked her. Now, I feel afraid that something bad will happen to her and that she has no one to turn to. She has some physical disabilities. I am hoping to find a therapist who could help me sort out my feelings about the situation and to come up with practical options for trying to find help for my sister when she is in this frame of mind. 

    If anyone can recommend a therapist in Oakland or Berkeley who can help with this I would appreciate it.

    I would recommend Dr. Carrie Thaler.  She is an amazingly insightful therapist.  She's also from the east coast, so could have some frame of reference when you are ready to try to get services/help for your sister.

    Dr. Thaler has an office on Curtis Street at Solano Ave in Albany but she is currently seeing patients via zoom or phone chat.  Her number is 510-466-5691.

    In the past 13 years, she has helped my family and me tremendously.


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Therapist in Marin for family relationships

April 2007

I'm looking for a solid therapist in Marin -- preferably San Rafael -- to help me with some family of origin issues. Does anyone have a recommendation? time to heal

I highly recommend Susan Stordahl in Corte Madera. Wow, she has guided me through some family of origin issues like no therapist ever has. 415-924-4098. finally making progress

There is a wonderful and experienced therapist in Marin named Heidi Minnick. I am certain that she can work with family of origin issues. I highly recommend her. Her number is 415-457-1793. lynn