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  • Looking for recommendations for high-quality doctors who are knowledgeable about and can prescribe testosterone therapy for men.  Would love someone who takes insurance if that exists, but also open to those who do not. 

    Also would love any information on other folks' experience with testosterone therapy -- which methods did or didn't work for you/yours, did you find a way to get it covered by insurance and/or keep it cost effective, etc. 

    Many thanks!

    I think it's pretty tough to get it covered by insurance, but if you do have to pay out of pocket, look up the website for the drug. Most meds that are typically not covered offer some kind of price break/discount through the manufacturer that you can present to the pharmacy like an insurance card to help with the cost. Not speaking from personal experience here, but I know a few people that take Androgel, which is a topical version of testosterone replacement therapy.