Temporary Tattoos for Kids

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Removing a "temporary" tattoo

May 2011

Does anyone have advice on how to gently remove temporary tattoos? My 4- year-old loves them, but they seem to last FOREVER!!! Weeks go by, and what seems like hundreds of baths, and two swim classes per week, and they still endure. The instructions state that one should use baby oil to remove them, but that does not seem to work for us. After several weeks, I eventually use nail polish remover...and even that takes very vigorous scrubbing to work...but that seems so harsh on her skin! tattoo'd girl's mom

Oh dear, just rub a little thick cream or Vaseline onto the tatoo and wipe it off with a wash cloth. Easy

Yes! Good old vaseline (ointment not lotion), a couple of cotton balls, and a little bit of rubbing. Kitty

Try baby oil with a facecloth, it works for my little girl. Good luck pkp

Baby oil does work for us. I put a generous amount on a washcloth and then rub. Does take a little rubbing but not an uncomfortable amount. Also I think I've used hand sanitizer or alcohol. Some brands of tattoos also last longer than others.

We used rubbing alcohol (which is what the directions on our tattoos said) and it worked.
What is in those things?

Have you tried scotch tape? One time I used a college-spirit temp. tattoo for my daughter's cheek and I was shocked to realize that it wouldn't come off w/ soap and water. (The kinds around when I was a kid would disintegrate in the shower! What happened to those?!)

Blotting it over and over with some scotch tape was the only thing that worked. Anyhow... personally, I'm wary of anything that's supposedly for kids that doesn't wash off that easily...

Try baby oil. It usually works on temporary tattoos. Kelly

Hi - my 5 year old son came out of the bathroom one Sunday evening with a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) tattoo in the middle of his forehead - a big no no for school the next day - we googled and found helpful advice of laying scotch tape across it and peeling it off. It worked and was painfree. C.

My trick for removing temporary tattoos: Bath time. I put my daughter in the bath and let her soak and play about 10-15 minutes - enough time for the tattoo ''glue'' to get warm, soft, and loose. Take a washcloth, get it nice and soapy, and gently rub the tattoo off. (Rubbing definitely required, but once it's loosened, the combo of the soap and the scrub works like a charm.) The only bummer is that little tattoo bits will float around in the bath and you'll have to wipe them out of the tub. No toxins, no trauma, no more tattoo. Kristin

Temporary Tatoos for Kids - Where to Buy?

March 2007

My 20 month old son got some Dora temporary tattoos in a coloring book and can't stop oohing and aahing. Where do I buy more? I couldn't find any at Target, Longs, or Walgreens. I would prefer small, cheap, and kid-focused (not interested in the ''navel'' tattoos I saw at Longs). Im even cool to get them on-line if you have a good recommendation. Thanks! genevieve

Try online (bonus: no need to wait in line)... some good kid's ones (and cheap!) at www.orientaltrading.com; www.toyconnection.com; www.partypalooza.com (they have Dora ones); and www.mygoodybag.com. Happy shopping! Kara

Try this: http://www.tattoosfortots.com/ s. carter

Hannah's -- used kids clothing store at the top of Solano Ave -- has a whole rack of temporary tattoos. mmabel

Oriental Trading Company, through their catalog or website, has a lot of options and good prices. Carrie

i found little booklets of tattoos at walden pond bookstore (grand ave oakland, near the theater), in the back, near the kid section. they were in a skinny wire spinning rack. they had bugs, celtic, and other themes. i might have seen them at longs rockridge, too. aha! found a booklet, by dover publications (store.doverpublications.com), search for tattoos. frogs, flowers, pirates, aliens, swamp creatures, dinosaurs, ...?the sistine chapel and mary cassatt??? scroll down and click ''more results'' to get to the next page. there's also oriental trading company (www.orientaltrading.com), a party supply catalog (tons of cheap goody bag stuff). search tattoos: they have 160 choices, most in ''units'' of 6 dozen for $4.95 fake tattoo lover

Try orientaltrading.com. They have all the tattoos and stickers that you could ever want. Also, if you sign up for their email list, they'll send emails announcing specials (usually free shipping or free shipping and 15-20% off if you spend $60 ). You can also stock up on party favors there, and split an order with your friends. Some of their things are better than others, but they're pretty good about customer service for things that are just too cheap for words, as long as you call them right away. I've had good luck with their tattoos (my daughter is currently sporting one that won't come off without a fight), and I had tattoos for a birthday party activity and 72 tattoos disappeared for 16 kids within 20 minutes... janet