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  • My office is looking to do a team building event in September.  We are thinking of ferrying to Angel Island, spending a few hours there, and then ferrying back.  But, we need to justify the event by doing a team building event while out on Angel Island.  There are 30 of us, varying ages (between 30-65 years old) and want to work on communication, teamwork etc.  Has anyone done a similar thing at work and have recommendations?

    Many thanks!

    Try Christina McFadden and Team with BlueDoor Partners.  You seriously won't be disappointed.

    I can recommend Odin Zackman - odin [at] - or Diane Johnson - dianej [at] - for your event. You are welcome to use my name David Stroh as a reference.

    I highly recommend SLTeam. Please contact Rene Molenkamp for more information:

    René Molenkamp PhD4323 Santa Monica AveSan Diego, CA 92107 +1-619-519-0463 (Phone and FaceTime)renemolenkamp [at] gmail.comSkype: rjmusaInstagram: @renemolenkamp

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Low ropes team building course

Sept 2015

Anyone know of a company that we can hire to do a half day of team building activities (thinking something like the low ropes courses we used to do at camp) for a team of six adults who live together?

Try Cal Adventures through the UC Berkeley Recreational Sports Department. They have a low ropes course at Strawberry Canyon, plus do team building with sit on top sea kayaks at the Marina. Super fun! cocosar

Fun team-building activities for non profit

Jan 2014

Hi all,

I'm looking for recommendations for fun team-building activities for our non- profit organization. I'm interested in finding an organized activity specifically during the weekend or in the evening. It will be great to find something not too pricey. Or if you have ideas I would be happy to organize them myself for the group. We are in Oakland/Berkeley but are willing to go to the East Bay or San Francisco too. Feel free to respond by email or on the list. Thanks!

Look into Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley The org I used to work for (very small -- only 6 of us!) had fun there. This was about 7 years ago and the cost was quite reasonable then, hopefully still is now. Kristen

Consultant for team-building

March 2005

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good consultant who does team-building work with organizations of about 50 people. Our non-profit organization, which serves children, has a history of mistrust between various groups, especially mistrust of managers, and low morale among the workers. Does anyone have experience with gifted consultants who can help repair such rifts? anon please

There's a woman named Claire Kinlaw who is fabulous at team building. Her number is 510-531-4996. DTL

Try Vic Downing, of Global Advantage at I've seen him work in numerous capacities and he's a great guy! I don't know if he does team building exactly but he has TONS of experience... Tell him Kimberly sent you.

I would contact the Rockwood Leadership Program office in Berkeley at 524-4000. They do very effective training and consulting for social change....and it sounds like their program would be a PERFECT fit for your needs. If not, I bet they can steer you in the right direction. (I did a training with them and loved it; very useful!) Susan F

I recommend Nika Quirk and her partners at THE GREATER POSSIBILTIY as amazing team-building consultants. Her contact info is: Cell: 510-381-5350 Office: 510-523-4141

Nika is my business coach and her insights, practical advice, and dependability have really helped my business thrive this year. She's also creative, joyful and helps me to laugh in the middle of my growing pains.

Her brochure: ''Success in the 21st century is based upon collaboration and affiliation, both inside organizations and with outside strategic partners. Building strong internal and external teams requires not only the commitment of the organization but staff self- awareness and the diligent application of practices that enhance communication, collaboration, and problem solving. We partner with you to provide experiential learning that results in improved performance. rebecca