Taking Kids to Cirque du Soleil

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How to get cheap Cirque du Soleil tickets?

June 2014

Hey everybody -- Oh man this show is SO EXPENSIVE! Is there a way to find discount tickets??? Thanks! lovemykids

Goldstar good for lots of kinds of events and shows. Cirque Du Soleil is still not cheap but much less expensive. a fan

April 2009

RE: Is the circus appropriate for a 3.5 year old?

I was watching Cirque do Soleil last time it was in San Francisco. A very young girl and her doting mom and dad were sitting in fabulous front row center seats. The child let out an agonized wail almost as soon as the action started and was obviously terrified. After a while (too long) the parents finally faced the fact that this was a mistake and left.

Save the circus trip for a trip to see Cirque Du Soleil next time they're in town. They don't use any animals and the shows are just amazing!! We have taken our 5 year old to see them twice, once when he was 2 and once when he was 4 and he has loved it both times. When he was 2 there were a couple parts that were too ''scary'' but he just closed his eyes and then he was fine. He has not attempted to imitate any of the acts at home but he's also a very cautious child. Cirque Du Soleil lover

Cirque du Soleil with a 6 year old?

Dec 2005

Anyone taken their 6 year old to cirque du soleil? We haven't been and don't know if it's appropriate for that age kid. She loved the traditional(Ringling Brothers) circus at age 5, but we are not sure if she'd appreciate this. I'd love to hear experiences or opinions. Thanks Diane

We've taken our daughter a couple of times. I believe she was 7 when she first went, and she loved it. My sister-in-law took her 4 year old, who was delighted. anonymous

I have been to see Cirque Du Soleil 5 times, once with a 5 year old, once with a 4 and a 9 year old. It was great. The kids are highly entertained by the clowns, there are booster seats at the entrance for the children so seeing the show is not an issue. The act are amazing. I will put one caviate here: we went to see the latest show in San Francisco (Corteo) and it was a horrible disappointment. I wouldn't waist all that money on this particular show. The kids will have more fun seeing the Peking Acrobats at Zellerbach. If you can go to the permanent show at Disney World or in Las Vegas - it will be worth every penny. Keley

take her, she'll love it, I'm taking my kids when my daughter is 3. cirque fan

Cirque du Soleil is wonderful, but it is very expensive, and I don't think a 6 year old would appreciate it any more than a less expensive circus. Try the Pickle Family Circus, which is more reasonable. Take your 6 yr old to Cirque du Soleil in a couple of years.

We took our 3 1/2 year old daughter to Cirque du Soleil last weekend. She loved it and is still talking about it! Her comments throughout were hysterical, as well, so that made it even more entertaining for us. During the intermission and after the show, she was spinning around outside the tents like she was an acrobat. We found it to be very kid friendly. Mom of 3 1/2 year old

We went to Cirque's Corteo this year and we went to an evening show and we still saw some kids there in th 6-10 range. Not a lot though and I've always assumed that has something to do with the ticket price. Corteo is just gorgeous visually so your 6-yo might appreciate that and of course some of the acts are just awe-inspiring (lots of people flying thru the air), but in general I've thought Cirque is not really aimed at kids. I think it's how much you want to expose your kids to the various forms of the arts-- this is pretty high end. Have fun. anon

I took my son when he had just turned 7, and despite the fact that he took a 20 minute nap he loved it. The music is great (maybe scary for some kids) and he loved the acts. keans

We went to Cirque du Soleil with 7 year old and 4 year old boys at grandparent behest. It had amazing gymnastic feats, good costumes, live music, and a few kid-oriented slapstick sequences -- quite the wild spectacle, also quite long at 2 and 1/2 hours total. Our four-year-old sat mesmerized the whole time; the seven-year-old wanted to leave at intermission, but enjoyed the second half, so it also depends on your child. We didn't find the ''cortege'' theme disturbing or even very noticeable. Edith

We brought our daughter to Cirque for the first time when she'd just turned 7, and she had a wonderful time. The color and excitement of the acrobatics are incomparable. The productions have plots, but these are so subtle as to be only moderately discernable to adults who are paying attention to them and irrelevant to kids enjoying the spectacle.

Some weeks ago a mom wrote in asking for advice on circus alternatives - she was concerned about taking her 12 year old son to Corteo because she thought the plot (involving a clown on his deathbed) sounded ''depressing.'' I urged her (in a PM) not to rule it out because of this. The ''plot'' will play out in terms of a suspended bed, angels flying overhead etc, and is essentially a device to tie together acrobatic acts that the clown is ''remembering.'' Cirque performances are the highlight of holiday season for our family. The main disadvantage of Cirque is the cost of the tickets. But if that doesn't faze you, then go for it. I can't imagine you regretting it. Cirque fan