Swollen Ankles

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My Ankles swell, usually after sitting a long time

June 2006

Over the last 2 years I have noticed that my ankles have gotten swollen on a number of occcasions. Usually it is when I have been sitting at my desk working on the computer for a long time, or I have been outside attending kids sporting events. Initially I attributed this to hot weather or not enough walking around to get the circulation in my legs going. But it's happening more frequently now (even when it's not that hot out) which is prompting me to ask if anyone else has experienced this and/or knows where I should turn to ask for advice. When it happens, I elevate my legs, drink water (not sure why, just think water is a cure-all for everything) and wait for the swelling to go down. Concerned

Go to the doctor! You could be having heart or kidney problems. Take it seriously and get it checked out been there

Go to the doctor. Swollen ankles and/or bags under the eyes can mean high blood pressure and/or kidney disease. For either, early diagnosis and intervention can make a great difference as while not generally curable, these illnesses are usually quite treatable with a prognosis of many years and even decades of very normal life Been there

Check with your physician. There are a number of causes of swollen ankles, and some of them are minor, but others are quite serious. I don't mean to frighten you, but just make sure your physician rules out the ones that are serious anon

Hi there. I suffer from swollen ankles and my doc told me it's related to high blood pressure. Maybe you should give your doc a call and see how your blood pressure is doing. Good luck to you Lana