Space Camp

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March 2005

I'm thinking of taking my family to ''Space Camp''. Has any body ever been there, sent their child there, or heard anything good or bad about this program? It's in Huntsville, Alabama at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. I'm talking about the program at:

They used to run a space camp at Nasa Ames in Mountain View. That program is no longer running, but if anybody attended a space camp program in Mountain View in the past, I'd be interested in hearing about their experience since I imagine it's very similiar. Thanks! - Space Mom

I did not attend the Space Camp but thought about applying to it years ago in high school. However, my classmate went and she had a blast! She said it was interesting, fun and educational. Plus, it was a great thing to put on her college application. Elaine

There is a space camp operated by an educational 501(c)3 here in California near Vandenberg Airforce base in Lompoc (about 5 hours south of here but north of Santa Barbara). Their website is Have fun!

Have you tried Chabot in Oakland? You may want to check this out before going all the way to Huntsville.