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Jan 2009

My high school son is interested in marine biology/ oceanography/ scuba diving. Any experience with summer programs? kt

A wonderful place that sounds like what you are looking for is SeaCamp, on Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys. Their website is www.seacamp.org. Seacamp is located at Newfound Harbor Marine Insitute and, I believe, takes campers ages 12-17.

I went there many years ago as a camper and LOVED it. Campers become certified in SCUBA, and can also learn sailing. The camp offers a great array of marine biology/ecology classes, most of which take place out in the water on and around flat- bottom boats. There is also a lab. Campers study coral reef ecology, marine invertebrates/vertebrates/botany, explore the mangroves, take lifesaving, and there are photography classes (including underwater photgraphy). When I was there, it was a bit rustic (not sure how it is now) and very hot, but the place was beautiful and awe-inspiring. (If you've spent time in the Keys, you'll know what I'm talking about!) It was a rich and amazing experience of a lifetime. eliz

If your son would be interested in a combination of oceanography and sailing (rather than scuba), he might like the SEA camps, in Woods Hole, MA. A bit of a schlep, but my daughter loved it there. They spend about a week on land, doing research and lab work and then about 10 days at sea, doing more lab work and learning to sail the research vessel. Great program. They're at www.sea.edu. Mom of a budding biologist