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Summer program for age 5&9 Israeli kids

Feb 2007

Hi, I am new here, and we are visiting Berkeley for the summer (June to September). My kids, 5 and 9 years old are coming with. I am looking for either a camp, school, program, meetings of friends or anything similar, for my kids to meet other kids that speak hebrow. Any advice or comment is appreciated. kiki

The Berkeley-Richmond Jewish Community Center usually has some Hebrew-speaking kids and counselors in its summer program. Carol

Many kids from Tehiyah Day School attend a session at Camp Kee Tov , so there will be some native Hebrew-speakers as well as children who are learning Hebrew. http://www.campkeetov.org There's also Camp Tzofim , run by Jewish Community Center/East Bay in Oakland. I don't know much about it except some of my friends send their kids there. http://www.jcceastbay.org/jcc/camp_tzofim_schedules.htm Betsy

Try Camp Kee Tov (http://www.campkeetov.org/), a summer camp based at Beth El synogogue in North Berkeley. We've got that ruach

Jewish summer camp for entering 1st grader

April 2003

My daughter will be entering 1st grade in the fall and we were thinking about sending her to a Jewish summer day camp for about 4 weeks (e.g. Berkeley J Summer Day Camp or Camp Tzofim were the two that most interested us.) I found the UCB Parents website comments about Jewish summer camps very helpful and wonder if anyone could share more recent (Summer 2002) experiences with Jewish summer camps in the Berkeley/Oakland area. In your experience, was the staff experienced, safety-conscious, and nurturing? How would the camp staff go about involving a kid who doesn't know anyone at the start of the program? What did your child love about the camp?

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