Financial Aid for Summer Camp

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Financial aid opportunities for summer programs

May 2014

Hi, I'm looking to enroll my daughter in a two week outdoors summer leadership camp, and while there is some financial aid available from the program, I'm wondering if there are broader funds available for families to apply to? One example would be Youth Opportunity Scholarships, however the organization we're looking at is not a partner with that fund. Thanks! Hanna

In my experience you have to start researching this stuff in February, not May. Plan ahead for next year. Campers

Hi there, I missed the original post, but gather that you are looking for camps that offer financial aid. I do know that Berkeley Rep School of Theater offers scholarships for all its youth programs. You will have to submit last year's tax return and current paystubs, but generally they get right back to you with a decision. It has made our child's participation in high quality theater and acting programs possible. Applying early is best, but I've found that they will quickly respond even with later applications. Berkeley Rep truly tries to make its programs accessible to all. Gleek mom

Two summer programs I know of that offer scholarships and/or tuition discounts based on need are the YMCA summer camps and UC Berkeley's summer camps. Check their websites for more info.