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How much is summer camp?

August 2010

Hi there, We are trying to figure out what we can afford to pay for a new house when the kids go to elementary school. My husband and I both work so I figure we will be paying for after care, and summer camp. Can anyone give me a general idea of how much these things cost? Or, where to go to find out? We will probably be living in Oakland or Berkeley when the time comes (but could be Alameda, Albany or Kensington too). Thank you!

Summer camp cost varies wildly. Adventure Time or some such unstructured, play-based camp is quite inexpensive at, say $200 per week for full-time care (9:00 - 5:00 every day), and charges by the hour (fewer scheduled hours = lower cost). Something like Sarah's Science can be almost double that, depending on when you register, and if you need to stay after 3:00 pm. A really all-out camp that offers everything from swimming and boating to horseback riding, like Roughing It (even picks your kid up in a bus), can cost almost $1000 per week for full day ($3600 per 4-week session). There are so many options here it makes your head spin; every year it's something of a challenge to get all my son's favorites scheduled. Karen

We pay basically preschool level prices during the summer, like $800-$900 for summer-long care and more if we do some of the week-by-week camps. We are in Albany. Rumor has it that prices are going up for the fall... hope that helps

Summer 1996

  Here are Summer 1996 costs of some summer programs I know about. Most of these have extended day care for an additional cost. -- Ginger  * City of Berkeley Recreation Programs 644-6530     All fees are on sliding scale, camperships available. Fee shown is highest     These camps fill quickly so call in Feb/March to find out registration date \t    - Berkeley Day Camp (Marina, Tilden) ages 6-13 \t1-week session: $57 (residents $61 (non-residents)     - Fun Camps (local parks: Willard, Live Oak, Albrier) ages 6-13 \t1-week sessions - call Park office for details  * East Bay School of Arts\t652-3727  grades K-8  N. Berkeley \tmusic, drama, art, etc. \t3 week session: $525 full day 9-5  * Cal Adventures 642-4000  ages 10-17  Berkeley Marina \tsailing, rockclimbing, kayaking \t1 week session: $270 full day 8-4 \t\t     \t$85-$120 half days   * Strawberry Canyon  ages 4-16 UC Berkeley campus \tswim, tennis, gym, football, fencing, you name it \t2 week session: $180 full day 9-4 \t\t\t$90 half day 9-12 or 1-4  * Lawrence Hall of Science camps 642-5134  ages 6-14 \tastronomy, chemistry, biology, etc. \t1 week session: $440 9-4  * Academic Talent Development Program 642-8308  \tEl Cerrito (K-6 grade) UCB campus (7-12 grade) \tmath, science, literature, etc. \t3 week session $330 4 half days a week (K-6)