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  • Wondering if anyone has recommendations for stroller repair shops in the East Bay or San Francisco. A quick Google gave me one location in SF, but apparently it's closed as of this month:

    Is there seriously no place to get a stroller repaired in the Bay Area?!

    We now have two Uppababy strollers with broken frames and would much prefer to have them repaired then throw out or give away. 


    Stroller Spa was the place I knew of, but if you're up for doing some DIY on your strollers, I've found The Stroller Workshop on YouTube to be really useful. Using their tips, I bought a 5yo Bugaboo on Facebook Marketplace for 20% of its original price, and lubed up the wheels and did some basic cleaning on it myself.

    Although if it's it's structurally broken (not just a screw adjustment), I think only a chassis replacement might be in order. Looks like you can get spare parts from Uppababy's website.

    Apologies if this is not helpful, but have you checked to see if you can buy the necessary frame pieces online and fix it yourself? I had a stroller issue recently (broken brake cable on a BabyJogger double stroller that required replacing the entire brake cartridge) and was able to just buy the brake assembly piece online and easily reassemble the parts myself (with the help of a handy dude’s YouTube tutorial). In the end, I only had to throw out the broken brake cartridge.

    Assuming you purchased both strollers, they have a warranty and Uppa Baby was amazing about basically replacing out my stroller when our frame broke. They really stand by their frames in particular. We had to send in some videos and photos and they were wonderful about it.

    If you don't feel handy/don't have time, try your local bike shop. The brakes broke on our expensive tandem stroller, and our local shop (Hank and Frank's in Berkeley) was able to fix it just using bicycle parts from their parts bin. I'm not sure if you want to replace the entire frame or see if it's possible to weld, but I think the bike shops are a great place to start. It was hard to find a stroller-specific shop but every neighborhood has a bike shop!

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    Does anyone have a recommendation for a stroller repair shop in/near Walnut Creek/Oakland/SF area? We have a BOB Revolution baby jogger that needs to be fixed (fold-up cable wire snapped) and maintenance for a Summit XC baby jogger. Thanks for your help in advance!

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How to get jogging stroller repaired?

Jan 2013

Wondering if anyone has any ideas where/how to get a jogging stroller repaired. I called around to a few bike shops thinking the mechanisms might be kind of similar but it didn't sound very promising. I think I'm dealing w/ some sort of suspension problem, not just a busted tire. Thanks! oaklandmama

I would have thought a bike repair shop could help too since those guys tend to be super-handy. Maybe try a wheelchair repair shop? anon

It is common to find you are not the only one with the issue if you Google it. What is the problem, it won't roll, it won't roll straight, it is tilted? Also provide make and model number if possible. Henry

Jogging Stroller Repair/Tune-up

May 2007

I have a jogging stroller I bought used which needs some tune-up and maybe repair. The most noticeable problem is that it pulls to the right (front wheel is not swivel, but apparently is off center or something) and the hand brake needs some adjusting. Should I just take it to a bike shop, since the mechanisms that need looking at are similar to those on a bike? Do bike shops work on jogging strollers? Are there any that you would recommend for a stroller? Where else would I take it? Something in Oakland would be best.

I always take my jog stroller to Wheels of Justice on Mountain Blvd. in Montclair. They are very nice and do a great job (in fact, I'd highly recommend them for all of your biking needs as well!). Trixie