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  • My 15 year old son, a 9th grader, wants to learn to play squash and we seek an instructor. Happy to pay for court time and instructor. We live in Albany and he goes to school in Berkeley. 

    UC Berkeley's Recreational Sport Facility has squash courts and they offer community memberships. I would start there. Maybe they can find you a student instructor.

    John Lau was a long time teaching pro in SF recently retired.  Lives in Berkeley.  Is a former national champion.  Great teacher for all ages.  Contact him at johnrlau [at] gmail.com

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Squash courts anywhere?

Jan 2011

My husband would like to start playing squash for exercise. He doesn't belong to a gym and is hoping to find some place in the east bay where he can rent a court by the hour - i.e., not have to join a gym and pay hefty membership and monthly fees, just to use a squash court once or twice a week. Ideally this would be in the Berkeley/Albany/Oakland area, but farther away may be doable. Does this kind of thing even exist?? Thanks. Karen

The Recreational Sports Facility at UC Berkeley on Bancroft has squash courts. Not sure of other gyms.

At the gym at UC Berkeley, you can purchase a day-pass, which includes use of all facilities (presumably including the squash courts) for the day. There is a number for reserving courts, which requires only a first name when you call (but you'll need a pass to get in). On the other hand, at $12 each time, going more than once each week, it's probably more cost effective to just join! (and of course there's also the question of your opponent's entry fee). see http://recsports.berkeley.edu/