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  • Hi there,

    I'm looking for recommendations for a good speech therapist in the Berkeley/Oakland area for my 11 year old on. He needs some coaching on speaking clearly and concisely rather than mumbling and speaking in long sentences.

    Thanks so much

    Not sure this is a speech therapist thing. My 3rd grader qualified for speech at school and he was basically disfluent 80-100% of the time to everyone but me - ie., speech therapists typically deal with kids with BIG speech problems. Even in private practice, you'll be paying a lot for a professional who is way overqualified. How about signing him up for a speech/debate club? I have seen activities along these lines offered by the rec departments in Albany & Hercules, but I'm sure they are around other places too. Or like Jr Toastmasters...? Good luck... I'm sure I'll be there with you when my son is 11!

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First Grader With Tics & Speech Issues

Sept 2014

Hi BPN community - our first grader has manifested a variety of motor & verbal tics, ongoing for 3+ months. Some days it's bad enough to really interfere with speech. Kaiser says a) tics are relatively normal in childhood at this age, and b) we can go to Richmond Mental Health dept without a referral. Does anyone have experience with Kaiser Richmond's Mental Health for young kids? We are also getting a speech evaluation through the schools, although my concern is that addressing speech without the underlying cause may just shift the problem (new tics popping up elsewhere). What else should we consider with tics? What local therapist/group might be a resource? Thanks for your thoughts and experiences.

Check for Tourette's Syndrome. It's more common in boys, and frequently starts to manifest at 5-7 years. http://ts-stories.org/ Jessica

Tics are common (25%) in kids ..but it sounds like your child has more going on than that. If it had been a year then it sounds likeTourette's. It requires 1 year of vocal and motor tics to be diagnosed. Kaiser has terrible mental health services. I have Kaiser and a son with Tourette's. I have a great deal that I can tell you about Kaiser. Too much to fit here. We have seen doctors in Richmond, SF, and Oakland. I volunteer forTourette Syndrome Association, NorCal Hawaii Chapter Lauryn