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Taxi Drivers who drive like maniacs

May 2010

While travelling recently (in the U.S.), I had several bad tax experiences with drivers who drove very aggressively-- speeding, running red lights, unsafe lane changes, driving on the shoulder of the freeway to pass other cars. I was actually pleased when on one of the trips, the driver got pulled over and given a ticket! Any advice on what to do about a maniac driver? I didn't have the nerve to tell the driver to slow down and follow the rules - both because it seems like some unwritten rule not to, but also because I'm totally at their mercy so I didn't want to piss them off. I've thought maybe before getting in a cab I should tell the driver I'm only getting in if he agrees not to drive like a maniac. Has anyone dealt with this situation succesfully? (And of course, I can always report the driver after the fact, but that doesn't help me at the time).
scared for my life

I grew up in NYC - so maybe I am used to the ''crazy'' driving you are talking about. Cabs try to get you to one destination-then to the next, as quickly, and safely as possible. Maybe tell them you are not in a rush? If you feel the cabs you are in are driving too recklessly, then feel free to ask them to drop you off at the next block and pick up another cab. Otherwise, either take a bus, train or drive yourself. Welcome to the city! nyc

cab drivers expect tips, that is how they make their living... that and picking up as many fares as possible. So they drive fast etc to (a) generate more fares and (B) because many passengers place a premium on speedy delivery and don't want to watch a meter racking up while a cab is idling at a red light (yes, the meter runs then too). A good cab driver will know how to deliver you safely and on time. I have stopped a cab from driving off before my seatbelt is buckled. When I am with my daughter (4 yo) I carry a light weight booster seat, and I do not shut the passenger door until I know that she is buckled in securely. I expect and ask for help from a driver when I need it. I generally tip quite well, about 15-20%. BUT if a cab driver is reckless and I don't feel safe, I will give only a small tip or withhold a tip and tell them EXACTLY why I am not tipping. anon

Wow, you have an unusually high rate of maniac taxi drivers! You have the absolute right to insist the the driver follow rules during the trip -- driving a little fast is one thing but serious speeding, running red lights and driving on the shoulder of the freeway are highly dangerous. There is no ''unwritten rule'' regarding passenger politeness that allows the driver to kill or maim you or others. Speak up during the moment or if you see it beginning and tell (not ask) the driver to stop it or you will be reporting him. Unless you have gotten in the car with a suicide bomber, he's not going to increase the risky behavior just because he's now annoyed at you. If he does something egregious, you need to report him whether he apologizes or not. The taxi commission needs to address this so he doesn't continue to drive this way. Copy down his information. If he doesn't have an indentification card displayed, or it's hard to read (sometimes they deliberately blur it out or cover it up), get the license plate number (as much as you can) and the company name, and report it. I have lived in many cities and been the passenger of plenty of crazies and it is in the interest of all living beings that this behavior be checked. Please do all of us a favor! And p.s. always wear your seatbelt. Don't be road kill

If it were me, I would say: slow down and drive sanely, or stop and let me out so I can find another cab. (Don't do this in a place where there aren't many cabs.) You're the customer, it's your ride and your money. Or, before you ask him to slow down, ask for his name and cab license number. Ask him to slow down, if he doesn't tell him you'll report him. If you are worried about how the driver will react, skip the part about slowing down, just ask to be let out NOW, and then find another cab. Again, make sure there are cabs around. anon

Hi There, In several ocassions I have pretended to be car sick,and said to the driver that I was about to throw up because my morning sickness....it works like a charm! anon

Taxi service to pick up child from daycare

Jan 2006

Can anyone suggest a service that can pick up my 3 year old from daycare and bring him home? Thanks Anita

I always use Friendly Airport Taxi to take me to the airport. It is a town car service run by two brothers, both very responsible and always prompt (early). Don't know if they could/would do the kind of work you are asking for, but I really like them as a car service. 834-1234 Good service is hard to find