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Industrial sewing machine repair person?

Oct 2011

Looking for a recommendation for someone who regularly repairs industrial sewing machines. We are in Alameda and have a handful of machines that need regular servicing. Have used the same fellow for a number of years and he is no longer in the area. Aimee

i used Bay Area Industrial Sewing Machine, (510)652-3752, for years (until i got rid of my industrial machine). he did good work at a reasonable price. anon

Repair for sewing machine built in to a table

Nov 2008

We have a really cool old White brand sewing machine in a table. It is in need of repair. We would love to take it somewhere local or have someone come by and look at it in our apartment. Any recommendations? *kate

I am a professional seamstress and youth sewing teacher ( SEW MUCH FUN) in Alabny and I recomend and I send all my students to get their machines repaired at Berkeley Vacuum Center .I just got one of my old favorite machines repaired there. Talk to Jim Atwater, he is the repair tech. 510 540-6248 at 2108 Berkeley Way , Berkeley 94704 near the top of University Ave. Marianne
I love Berkeley Vacuum - have been going to them for over 20 years. They are a family-owned business with great service and know everything about sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Here's their website address: Donna
There's a guy in Berkeley (might be Albany) on Solano avenue. I'm pretty sure it's the same block as Barney's restaurant. It's a small ''singer'' place...but he fixes all brands.He's not open a lot so you might have to call for an appt. He's really good and inexpensive. Good luck June K
How about Berkeley Vacuum and Sewing? I haven't used their services, but they seem well-liked on Yelp: anon

Servicing an old Bernina 730 sewing machine

March 2006

I just aquired an old Bernina 730 sewing machine that use to belong to my grandmother. It has not been in use for a long time, so the oil is probably dirty and sticky or dried-up. I would like to get it serviced and re-oiled before I use it. I have no idea where to take an old Bernina around here. Any recommendations? I live in El Cerrito. Laurey

Sew Images on Piedmont in Oakland is tops for Bernina help. And Celilia is a wealth of information. happy old Bernina operator
I believe Sew Images on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland ( sells Berninas.
I suggest the Berkeley Vacuum Center at 2108 Berkeley Way (in downtown Berkeley). They sell and repair sewing machines...There number is 510-540-6248. They also service vacuums...great place!
There is a place in Walnut Creek that can help you out. I forget the name of it, but if you call New Pieces (the quilting place in Berkeley on Solano Avenue), they will refer you to it. Sews too

Good place for sewing machine repairs?

Sept 2005

Can you recommend a good place to go for sewing machine servicing/ repair? I'm in El Cerrito, but will travel for an honest, competent service center. Thanks. Pat

There is a sewing machine repair place on Solano avenue in Albany. It's the block where Barneys is. It says ''Singer'' outside but he does all brands. He's not open a may want to go by and check on hours. anon
In Berkeley, there's the place called the Vaccuum Center, I think, that both sells and repairs sewing machines. They replaced the needle on my sewing machine-- it's between Shattuck and Oxford on a little street north of University (sorry can't remember the street name). luisa
It depends alot on what brand of sewing machine you own, as some repair shops only fix certain brands. I love my Bernina, and have found a great repair shop in Lafayette, right off Mt. Diablo Blvd: The Cotton Patch. They also have one of the best selections of cotton fabrics that I have found in the Bay Area. If you sew, you must go see their store anyway! They are at 1025 Brown Ave, Lafayette CA 925-284-1177. They helped me special order an expensive part from Bernina in Switzerland and didn't ask for a credit card # or anything until the part actually arrived. Sewing mama

Getting a replacement part for an old machine

July 2003

I recently brought my old sewing machine into the shop on Solano to be tuned up. The man who runs it wasn't able to locate a replacement for a broken tension piece and I'm not sure if it is worth ditching the machine or trying to find the part myself. It is a Morse. Nothing fancy, but a nice, old, easy to use machine which, as I write this, I realize I'd like to keep, but not sure if it's worth the hassle. frustrated neophyte seamstress

Try Lafayette Sewing Center - 925-284-7920 -- they do excellent work (even on really old machines) are reasonable & friendly. good luck

Repairs for a 1945 Singer Featherweight machine

Oct 2002

I just received a 1945 Singer Featherweight 221 sewing machine as a gift. Any owners of the same machine out there who have a recommendation for a reputable, trustworthy repair source? The machine needs a minor repair and a tuneup. Thanks. jukebox2001

i had my 1935 singer repaired at a place that used to be next to berkeley vacuum center on berkeley way. that place has closed but the man who owns berkeley vacuum center owned the sewing machine store and he did the repairs. you might try calling him and seeing if he will repair your machine. their number is 540-6248. claire
There's a little shop called Jim's Sewing Machine Center at 1587 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, 527-0140. Signs on the window indicates that they service featherweights. In case you didn't know, your sewing machine is very sought after by quilters because of its reliable even stiching. Liz D.

Repairs for 50-year-old Singer


I've got a 50 year old Singer and am having tension problems. Can anyone recommend a repair person? Thanks Susan

Cotton Patch in Lafayette has a class that is offered that teaches you how to adjust and service your Singer Featherweights. In the class, taught by Mimi, she recommends two shops that fix Singer machines. One is in San Francisco (Irving Street (maybe), near UCSF. I called the shop owner over the phone, and he coached me on what I needed to do to repair my machine. It worked and I didn't even have to take it in. Good luck! Lesley