Reweaving Knitwear

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April 2005

Where can we find someone who repairs/re-knits sweaters - holes in elbows, unravelings in the body - preferably in closely-matching color(s)? It seems a shame to abandon nice woolen-knit or cotten-knit sweaters just because of a hole or tear here or there. Thanks for any tips! Sweater junkie

My aunt was a home econ. teacher and she showed me how to darn sweaters when I was a teen. I've never forgotten it because I LOVE my sweaters. You can do it so that you can't even see most holes! It's great! I'd be happy to show you how someday if you'd like. My aunt is now dead but she'd be happy to have her know-how shared with others. She was frugal to a ''t.'' Jean
I used snow white cleaners on Piedmont ave to repair a hole in a sweater recently. She did a great job and was reasonable. The hole was pretty tiny, but you could take it by for an estimate. anon
Nov 2003

can anyone recommend somewhere in the east bay that does reweaving work to repair sweaters?

There is a great reweaver in Stockton. You can either take your garment to Aghazarian's in Stockton or you can drop it off at Norse Cleaners in El Cerrito. In either case, you will not get to talk with the reweaver herself--she is an elderly woman who doesn't deal directly with the public. If you want an opinion about whether your garment can be fixed and maybe even an estimate--make sure you go to Norse Cleaners when the owner, Janis, is there. Sojeila

I have 2 beautiful knit sweaters that are failing in some areas. One is a wool cable hand knit, the other is a mixed materiel manufactured knit. Does anyone know who/where I can take these to be re-knitted? Thank you!

Straw into Gold, a yarn store on the corner of San Pablo Ave. and Ashby might either do a knit restoration or know someone who can do so. I used to work there about 7 years ago, and at that time one of the employees (who has alreadly left there) and actually I used to do a knit restoration. I think they may still have someone who can do it. Good luck! Mika
The best place I know for restoring knitwear is The Knitting Basket on Mountain Blvd in Montclair. You can reach the store at (510) 339-6295. Laura