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July 2001

I'm looking for printers who do good-quality stationery and business cards, ones that look and feel classy, for a reasonable price. Places where you can supply the artwork, and work with them to choose the type of paper and color of ink for a good job. Got any favorites? Thanks! Bay

Try online, I haven't used them myself but have heard good things about them. Richa
I go to Solano Copy Center for my business cards. It's a small family run business. The couple who own it are SOOOOOOOOO nice and helpful. They seem to have a good variety of paper wt. and colors, textures, etc. They've given me good suggestions and their prices are reasonable. I prefer to support small businesses so even if their prices were slightly higher than the big places I'd probably do business with them anyway. They're on Solano avenue in Albany....the lower part of Solano I think near the Albany post office. June
Salmon Graphics (548-0293) at 1728 University is a one person operation owned and operated by David Watanabe. We don't know if he prints announcements and invitations, but we have used him for brochures and annual reports, and have seen programs he has printed. We have found David to be extremely helpful and service oriented, and the final products to be beautifully printed. David is also very honest, and will tell you what he can and cannot do. Give him a call! -- Steven and Anne (8/99)