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Photographer for clothing store

May 2008

Hello, I am looking for a local photograph for my online store. My store is a clothing store for girl's, ages newborn to 5 years. It's run out of Oakland. I am looking for someone who has experience photographing kids and preferably someone experienced in photographing children's clothing. If you or someone you know may be interested, I'd love to see a portfolio and discuss rates and details! Thanks, Catherine

Hi Steve Bollman at is your man. He's an amazing photographer and has also worked in the apparel industry doing graphic design work at both Old Navy and Dockers/Levis. He is a pleasure to work with and really great with kids. His number is 415-730-3830.

Photographer to take photos of my store

May 2008

Hi. I'm openeing a flower shop in the East Bay. I need someone to take pictures of the store, design a website and some promotional material like business cards, a logo and things like that. Does anybody have a recommendation? Lilly

Hi, Here is my favorite flower photographer: Keith Lewis. his website is at He made the photos for a book of high-end floral arrangements the name of which slips my mind at the moment. Nice guy to work with too. Dana

I would highly recommend Sara Goetz. Her photos are amazing and she really has a talent for capturing those special moments. She is so wonderful to work with and is genuinely passionate about her work. Her website has some great examples of her work. Tajalli

You may want to check out Misha Bruk. He is a photographer who specializes in architectural photography. He also designs websites. You can see examples of his work on his website, His number is (415) 824-8600. Also, he knows a lot of photographers in this area, so if he is not the right person for you, he may be able to recommend somebody else. Good luck with your flower shop!

I've seen a couple of postings asking for a photographer, and I have an amazing person to recommend. Having needed a photographer for our family, our company's website/brochure, and my wedding, I know how hard it is to find a really good person for a reasonable rate. Sara Goetz will come to your home or place of business, and she takes beautiful photos that not only look professional but incredibly natural. She has taken photos of babies, moms, families, weddings, and most recently is going to do photo shoots for our company's brochure. She has experience providing the image in whatever print or digital format you need. I can't say enough about how easy she is to work with and what a great eye she has. Contact: Sara Goetz, sara [at], 925-586-7145, ileana

Photographer for Shooting Artwork

June 2006

I'm looking for a professional photographer to shoot flat artwork (color slides, 4x5s, and if possible then scanning the 4x5s to disc). They would need to come to my studio with their equipment and shoot the work (oil paintings) here (Albany). Any leads or references much, much appreciated! isabel

Richard Sargent (Fine Arts Photography) has been photographing artwork in the Bay Area (based in Berkeley) for about 30 years. Well respected and has competative prices. 510-843-4844

You might try Pascal Shirley, his work is incredible and I think his rates are quite reasonable. I don't know his website, but his email is:pascalshirley[at] YOu can contact me directly if you need to know more. Julie