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Great telephone inside wiring installation

August 2010

With the kids in college, we just downsized into our in-law garden apt, where Alan Van Tress set up our land line telephone in under ten minutes flat, moving around piles of boxes, no problem; we're up and running. We got his name and number from BPN, but the listing was pretty old, so I thought I'd update it, here: Alan Van Tress, Backbone Communications, 510-306-0072. Mimi

Telephone Wiring Expert

Nov 2005

I wanted to recommend Brian Van Tress (Backbone Communications) as an alternative to calling the phone company to fix telephone wiring problems. He does telephone and network wiring (can add jacks, do new wiring, repair existing wiring, etc.) and is very reasonable. He is also trustworthy and incredibly nice to work with. I have used him for two different homes and think does a great job. He is also licensed. Breese

Phone line repair

Sept 2005

I wanted to recommend a phone repairman that recently fixed a dead phone line in our home. To avoid SBC's exorbitant rates, I looked in the yellow pages and found Roy Overall, a former PacBell employee who started his own company. I called him Monday morning, and he and his son showed up by noon the same day. He not only fixed our phone line but also guaranteed his work - if we had problems with the line, he would come back and fix it for free. As it turns out, we did have problems after he left - we kept losing the dial tone because the phone jack was faulty. His son returned within an hour to replace the jack for free, apologizing that they hadn't given us a new jack to begin with. I was so impressed with their service that I wanted to recommend him to all of you, in hopes that you can help keep his fledgling business alive. You can contact him at An Overall Telephone Company, (510) 282-2743. In addition to phone lines, he also installs and repairs cable TV wiring. CL

Wiring Recommendation (Phone, Computer, Misc)

Jan 2004

I would like to recommend Geej Mauriva of Complete Wiring and Computer in Oakland. He just installed a computer network for our small business and installed a second phone line. He is GREAT to work with -- very reasonable, thorough and honest. All of the work he has done for us has worked without any glitches. Here is a list of the services he offers:
-Residential/business phones and phone systems -DSL and Broadband -Small computer networks -Broadcast, cable and satellite TV -Low voltage wiring (e.g. doorbells, etc.) -Computer hardware and software
Installation and Troubleshooting on all of the above. He can be reached on his cell (primary number): 510-385- 6251 or at home:510-654-7386 Ramsey

Need someone to rewire jacks in our house

May 2003

I am looking for someone to replace the telephone wire to a few jacks in our small home. We have the wire, but I think it is too big of a job for me. Thanks in advance. Justi

You can ask any electrician to do this job, such as the one below, but in the event that anything goes wrong, you're on the hook to pay for the fix. On the other hand, if you have the telephone company fix the issue, then, while it may cost a little bit more, you will be insured for a certain period of time. Also, I would suggest you get the in-home telephone insurance for $4 a month, just in case anything goes haywire (no pun intended). David
Peter Libby, Electrician (and not related to this David Libby, although Peter has a brother named David Libby) (510) 655 - 8515 David
I have used Alan Van Tress of ''Affordable Telephone Installations''. He comes by bike! I've had him do some work on jacks in my house twice and was very pleased. Yvon
These guys do telephone installation- and they are way faster and cheaper than pac bell. They did a great job repairing a phone line for me about six months ago. Affordable Telephone Installation Brian Van Tress
Ying Han of Handy Electric is terrific for telephone installations - 548-1782 gearhart