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An interesting web site on car repair is at This is the site of the NPR guys, Tom and Ray Magliozzi; there's a searchable index (by location and car make) of mechanics recommended by people who've visited the site. It's worth checking out if you're curious what others have to say about your mechanic..... (from MM 11/98)

Keeping Car Windshield Oil-free

I have a problem with oil (probably that kicks up from the roadway) on my windshield. When it rains, with oil and water mix and make a terrible mess. I have tried a number of cleaning products, but haven't come up with a sure-fire one that will completely remove the accumulation of oil. I always clean the wipers at the same time since there is obviously oil on them, too. I've thought of replacing the wipers, but until I find a way to really clean the window, I'd prefer not to do that. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Try Rain-ex available from Grand Auto. It is so effective in sheeting the rain off the windshield that I sometimes do not use my wipers, even in heavy downpours. Looks kind of dangerous, I know, but the wipers actually impair my view under these conditions. (withhold my name)