Marble Floors

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Alex 9/99
I have a (green) marble bathroom floor (approximately 9 feet x 4 feet - quite small). It is time to get it cleaned and polished. I called the company I used last (Marble West in San Francisco) in 1992. I paid $200.00 at the time and figured that, after 7 years, the price tag would be a little higher. They now want to charge me $875.00 (standard, flat rate for the day...). I didn't pay that much to have the floor laid! I was also told they were the only place that cleaned marble for residences; all other existing companies serviced only businesses. The thought of being caught by the short hairs and/or paying such a huge sum is EXTREMELY irritating and I want to see if, in fact, there aren't other resources available. I would appreciate any leads to professional/reputable outfits or individuals who can do the above. Perhaps tile/flooring stores that provide such services or recommendations?
Trish (9/99)
Try Baker Marble and Granite (Hollis St., Emeryville, 800-491-7005). They installed our granite and gave us good advice on cleaning it. Good luck.
Emily (9/99)
$875 to clean a 9x4 marble floor? Maybe I'm missing something essential here, but for years have been cleaning a green slate floor with a bucket of plain old Pinesol and water, followed (when thoroughly dry) by mopping on a coat of Stone Glamour, a slate dressing sold by Import Tile in West Berkeley. I don't fuss at all and the results are spectacular. The folks at Import Tile know everything about this kind of thing, so give them a call.
Ellen (9/99)
I also have a small bathroom floor and a center island in the kitchen that I would love to have cleaned and polished. We live in Kensington - perhaps the flat rate you were quoted, or something close, could cover both jobs on the same day. - It's always worth a try.