Hispanic Referral Services

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Tamara 9/99
I am looking for information on Manos Housecleaning Service. Is it a non-profit organization which refers individuals who typically do not speak English? I am unclear as to what their actual situation is. I would prefer to get a housecleaner from their organization if it helps out people who are looking for work. Yet, I am slightly unsure about hiring someone who I don't know, or has not come from a personal referral. So, if someone can vouch for this organization or offer information I would greatly appreciate it.
Trish 9/99
Manos has changed their name and now go by Hispanic Referral Services (534-8780). I have used their services for housecleaning, heavy gardening, and painting and have been very happy. The people we have hired have been very hardworking and congenial. Their rates start at $10/hr., with a four hour minimum, for cleaners and general gardeners. Skilled workers (painters and carpenters) get a few more dollars per hour.
Linda 9/99
I have used Manos in the past and like to support them. They've been around for a long, long time, so must be doing something right. It is true that the level of English among the workers can vary drastically, but the company supplies you with an English/Spanish checklist you can use to specify what you want done. With one exception, I was very happy with the work and the attitude of everyon at Manos. Since I can't afford regular housekeeper, I have called Manos from time to time for a one=time cleaning as a gift to myself. Normally, however, I think the idea is for you to find someone you'll latch onto on a more permanent basis. You can keep specifying the same person or keep trying new cleaners. Manos seems to appreciate feedback, and they train their people before sending them out. The one person I didn't like didn't seem to have any training at all, but this was the exception. She was also the only one to suggest that next time I call her directly, off the books of Manos. I don't know whether this was legit or not, since I didn't wan't her back at all.
Manos' referrals usually do not speak English, but they come with a checklist in English and spanish so it usually isn't a problem to communicate what you want cleaned and how many hours you are willing to pay for. Manos trains their referrals pretty throroughly, so they are familiar with a wide range of cleaning products and what is expected. I've found they've been very reliable, are eager to please and work hard, because they would like to be invited back, but the quality does vary.