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Graphic Designer to Create Business Cards, Etc.

May 2007

My husband has a new, small contracting business and is looking for a graphic designer to help him create a logo as well as business cards, letterhead, etc. We're not too picky about the cost, but would like someone with experience who will be able to take direction and translate our ideas onto paper. We know what we want, but we need to find the person who can make it a reality. Are you this artist, or do you know where I can find him/her? lora

I highly recommend Kimberly Cross, who just designed the business materials and web site for my acupuncture practice.

She's done a lot of work for big brands (like Noah's) but she really likes working with smaller clients. She took the time to develop a real understanding of my business goals and customer base, gave me a number of excellent options, and finished the project on time and on budget. I couldn't be happier with the results - my materials look fantastic, and client response so far has been great!

She also had a number of valuable insights into how to present my services and reach customers more effectively. I really felt like I ended up getting more than I'd hoped for.

You can see the site she did for me at It's probably more feminine than what you're looking for, but she has a broad range of styles, so don't get too hung up on that. I don't think she has her own site up yet (she just left an agency to start her own business), but her email is kimberly[at] She could probably send you samples or something. Hope this helps! Marina

I want to recommend a fantastic graphic artist, Thomas Morris. I know him very well personally and have also seen many of his logos, brochures, etc. Thomas is a very warm and easygoing man who works well with clients. He is full of energy and ''out of the box'' ideas when needed. I highly recommend him. You can see his work, which is very diverse (and includes fine art such as 60's rock posters that are really cool), at Good luck. anon
You can search for graphic designers here at You can narrow your search by zip code and specialty. You can also look through craigslist under ''Services - creative'' and search by ''graphic design''

Before you even begin, do you have a rough idea(s) of what you like - or don't like? Samples of other logos, typefaces, brochures, similar businesses, a sketch on a napkin. Have a starting point. Cuts out a lot of wasted time. One color, two, full spectrum? All that will affect design and printing costs.

What you want to ask/look for:

Someone who has done business stationary and knows the size and paper issues. Someone who has done PRINT not just web design (BIG difference when it comes to actually producing files that will work for your needs). Someone who can help guide you to the right printer, or at least give you the right questions in figuring out which one. Make sure you negotiate all aspects of the contract (and have a contract!) - do you want to pay a flat fee, by the hour? How many rough ideas do you want to see/go through/pay for? How involved do you want the designer to be in the printing - and will you pay for their time?

Believe me, if you are new to this, you do not want to hire a student or a friend of a friend who is ''kinda arty''. This is YOUR business and deserves a professional, experieced person. It need not be a graphic design firm, but you don't want to get either ripped off or screwed around. Graphic Production Person

Print graphic designer for small biz

August 2005

My cooking class party business needs someone to do a series of print items for us. We don't need a web designer, but rather someone who will help us extend the look established on our web site into print ads and other materials. I have looked at the recommendations on the web site, and want to find more recent referrals. Berkeley or Lamorinda locations would be especially handy. Thanks for any referrals you all can give me. anne

I have used Tia Stoller in Berkeley for the redesign and printing of my small business's letterhead/logo. I really like her a lot and she is good to work with. I had done some preliminary work on our graphics and she took what we had established and improved upon it. That way we didn't have to ''reinvent'' the wheel. I appreciated her versatility and laid back manner.

She, herself has a small business so I think appreciates the tight budgets, etc. that all small businesses deal with. She also works extensively with my husband for his company for a couple of years. And he has been very pleased. I would highly recommend her. Her website is ramsey

I can highly recommend Marisol Quintana for all your print design needs. She is very experienced (over 20 years) and can help you through the print production process as well. She can do initial concept through final production, including press checks. You can contact her at mquintana AT Emily
I don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but the mom of our daughter's school friend (Rosalind Boukis) runs a business called Advertising Magic. You can check it out at It's in Walnut Creek. They have an online catalog. And as an aside, Rosalind is a really nice person. :-) Good luck! Lori
I would like to recommend Bruce Rohrsetzer [brucevr18 [at]] as a website designer. He is reasonably priced and reliable. He even took the digital pictures for my site! ( Check out his site at: You can contact me if you want more info. leigh

Graphic Design for a Small Job

October 2001

I need a graphic designer to redo my business card. I'd prefer someone in Berkeley or close by, and not very expensive - it's a very small job, as I pretty much know what's going on it, just need help with layout. Any good experiences? thanks, Lucia

Hello All, In response to recent queries about Website and Print-related graphic designers, I would like to mention two studios: Philip Krayna Design (of which I am the principle) is based in Berkeley at the Strawberry Creek Design Center. We specialize in print design and do a great deal of work with local businesses and non-profits, as well as large corporations such as Ask Jeeves and Schwab. We can be reached at info [at] or 510-644-9914 In terms of web designers, I highly recommend another local studio, Neuwirth Design. Jacqueline Neuwirth is very friendly, accessible and professional: or call 510-525-9082 Best of luck with your prospective projects. Philip Krayna
My son, Chris Houston, has a website design company in it's early stages. He does a tremendous job at a most reasonable price. You can check out his work at Barbara
Eva Cohen, in Rockridge, is an experienced print designer/layout person (who also does web design). She's got an MFA in design from the Chicago Art Inst. and has more than 15 years experience. She specializes in marketing collateral for small businesses. Contact her at eva [at] Good luck Julie
Through my job I have used a designer based in Berkeley (Fourth St.) who I would highly recommend. I do not think her rates are bargain basement, as she is pretty much full service, but definitely cheaper than an agency. I have found her willing to work within my company's small budget, however. The quality of her work is excellent and it might be worth it just to contact her to see if she could assist you with what you need. If not I am sure she could refer you to someone else.

Her name and contact details are: Nicole Watson Design 1807-B Fourth Street Berkeley Tel: (510) 665 9599

You are welcome to give my name as a referral if you like. Good luck! Erin

This is the same recomendation that I gave for web design. Michael Behrens does everything graphic and has done many logos. He is fantastic, has a good eye and is quite reasonably priced for his evel of expertise. He is also very easy to talk to. Check out his web site to see the kind of work he has done at or e-mail him at mbehrens AT lmi DOT net. Good Luck! Liza
This is to recommend Albany web designers Alon Orion and Noa Weiss. They are a cheerful design team, and have worked with both start-up companies and established corporations. They have little kids, and are very accommodating to parents. Checkout their website at or call them at 510-524-2892. Merry
My sister is a graphic designer and designed my business cards and ads. She says that if it's just minor text changes and you already have the art and electronic files, it shouldn't take more than half an hour ($25 minimum charge; she charges $45/hour). She also designs letterhead and brochures. Send her your current card, either electronically or regular mail, and she'll give you a better estimate on how long it will take. You can email her at: susan AT canndesign DOT com. Nanci

Need stationery for consulting firm

My husband has a city planning consulting firm and needs business cards, letterhead, etc. We are looking for someone who is easy to work with, has portfolio that illustrates quality work with type. We need a simple solution in black and white to start. We are not looking for logo development--just type. terbot
I am sure you can find all you need (and more if your needs change) in an excellent graphic designer Estera Alvarez. She is doing an outstanding work with type. I am sure you will be impressed when you see her portfolio. You may contact her by email at: danseq at slip dot net Lilianna