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  • Can anyone recommend their favorite place to bring their laundry for wash/fold service? Ideally Albany or North Berkeley? Thanks!

    I highly recommend Merit Cleaners on upper Solano across from Wells Fargo Bank.  I've been taking my work shirts (wash & put on hangers), dry cleaning (someone always dribbles some gravy & cranberry sauce on Nana's lace tablecloth & it always come back pristine), and small alterations (they even relined my favorite jacket a few years back) to them for ... it must be 20 years now.  They do great work, and the elderly Asian couple who run the place are so welcoming and friendly that it's a pleasure to see them every week.  AboutTheSame

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Pick-up & Delivery Laundry Service?

May 2016

Does anyone know of any place in the Albany/Berkeley area
that does pick-up and delivery laundry service? I see a
website ' wash-n-deliver.com ' offers that service in
Berkeley. Has anyone used their service before? I just moved
here from Sacramento. I'm trying to find ways to reduce the
never-ending weekend chores. Thanks!  

Love these guys!


Great American Dry Cleaning at El Cerrito Plaza by Trader Joe's does this. They
are expensive but very nice and reliable.  Anon

Great American Dry Cleaners (at El Cerrito Plaza) does dry cleaning
pick-up/drop-off, including in Berkeley. I don't think they do laundry, though.
http://www.greatamericandrycleaners.com/ R.K.

Affordable dry-cleaning for sweaters

June 2015

Archives are old and I'm looking for a good but affordable
dry cleaners. I have about 15 wool sweaters to dry clean and
am very worried about the price !  Berkeley Oakland best.

Wool sweaters usually don't require dry-cleaning. It's best
to handwash them (and it's perfectly fine to use your
washing machine's wool/handwash cycle for that) with a wool
wash (e.g. Eucalan, Soak). In a pinch you can use a mild
shampoo. I would not use Woolite, despite the name.
Absolutely no bleach, please. 

When taking them out, support the weight so as not to
stretch them out. Lay flat to dry, patting into shape if
necessary. If you want to get them to dry fast, you can roll
them in a clean terry towel and press out most of the water.
You can also flip them over after 24 hours to get the
underside to dry.

I'm a knitter and all my hand-knit wool and cashmere
sweaters go into the machine on the wool cycle. You can get
wool wash at most knitting stores.  no chemicals for my wool 

Looking for an Inexpensive Drycleaner

March 2013

Looking for an inexpensive dry cleaner in the
Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito/Richmond area.  Every place I've
been to is more expensive than what I'm used to.  Are there
any 'one price' or inexpensive dry cleaners in the area?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vogue Cleaners on Shattuck, just north of
Ashby.  $4 for sweaters!! $10 for my nice wool winter coat!
And she only charged me $8 to have her sew up the sleeve
hems that were coming loose.  It is a family run business,
with affordable prices.  I recommend it to everyone.  Love
our dry cleaners!


2007 Dry cleaner reviews

Sept 2007

Does anyone know of a dry cleaner in the Oakland/Berkeley area that does pick-up and delivery? I'm trying to find ways to reduce the never-ending weekend chores of a working parent and thought this would be a great service if it existed. Thanks Sharon

Blue Sky Cleaners picks up and delivers in Oakland and they're eco-friendly: http://www.blueskycleaners.com/ I've had good results sending my stuff to them. Julie

March 2007

I've checked the archives for recommendations of drycleaners, but found none yet for the Laurel District/Mills College area of Oakland. Can anyone recommend a dry cleaner in that neighborhood who is careful and reliable, and offers good value for money? Planning some spring cleaning

Hi Hat Cleaners on MacArthur,2996 MacArthur Blvd Oakland, CA 94602,(510) 482-3094, is a leader in environmentally conscious dry cleaning. One of the first pioneers. They have been honored by many for their contributions to ''cleaner'' dry cleaning. They are near Coolidge Ave. I love patronizing them. christina

I like to patronize the Hi Hat on MacArthur and Maple Street, because they've always done a good job but mainly because they use environmentally friendly chemicals and my clean clothes don't smell bad. I figure it's better for my health, and theirs, and everyone's. They aren't necessarily the cheapest, but no more expensive than most. Two thumbs up.

I like High Hat cleaners on Maple and Macarthur - they do a good job, and use an environmentally friendly cleaning method. Molly

I go to Hi-Hat cleaners on McArthur Blvd. across from The Food Mill. They have great service and use an environmentally friendly cleaning process. I've been going there for about a year or so now and have no complaints. It's also great to run over to Food Mill on the errand run. emily

Feb 2007

I'm looking for a good quality drycleaner, with ideally somewhat reasonable prices, in North/West Berkeley. The nearer to Cedar/San Pablo or 4th Street Shops, the better. I used to have an excellent one in SF near my office, but job location has moved, and now I'm seeking something near home. Your recommendations are appreciated! mj

So far, after a few times, I've been really happy with Great American Cleaners, right next to Trader Joe's in El Cerrito Plaza. I think their prices are pretty much standard, can't remember any specifics to tell you.

I went to Red Hanger for years, it used to be one of the best, but their quality has slowly gone down, and they lost (eventually found it weeks later) a sweater that I needed for a trip. They also don't block sweaters and consequently the sleeves got longer on that one. I'll be interested to see if other people respond who are still happy with them.

2006 Dry cleaner reviews

Oct 2006

My beloved dry cleaner closed. I used to use his bulk dry cleaning service ($6/pound) which was great for my 3-4 times a year needs. I used to get about 12 assorted pieces (pants, tops sweaters, dresses) done for $50-60. Now he closed and I'm astonished at what others want for cleaning. Does someone have another dry cleaner who does bulk/by the pound or a cleaner they like who has reasonable fees (less than $10 per item!!!, etc.) getting dirty

There's a really, really great cleaners on San Palbo, close to Galvin's Appliances. I think it's called OK Cleaners. It's on Berkeley Hills side of the street in a yellow building. The owner is a very nice and their prices are reasonable. She takes pride in her work. anon

My family routinely uses Huey's Laundry in El Cerrito. We like their prices, service, hours and turnaround. They'll do ironing and wasking as well as dry cleaning

Oct 2006

Can anyone recommend a drycleaner in or near Rockridge? We have been loyal customers of Red Hanger for years but have noticed a considerable decline in quality and don't want to use them anymore. We are looking for another drycleaning service which is reliable and reasonably priced. Thanks! Running out of clean clothes for work

We've been happy with Rockridge Royal Cleaners on College, just up from Diesel Books. They're probably not the cheapest place in town, but they do good work and the staff are seet

I am recommending Dry Clean Time. It is a family-owned dry cleaners on Piedmont Avenue near John Street. Across from Piedmont School and the Little Shin Shin. Nancy is the mom and she is great! They use an environmentally correct cleaning service. She does alterations and is a seamstress. Her sons, Ron and Alta, help out. Nancy used to work for Berkeley Cleaning Center on University Avenue in Berkeley. They were very highly rated for service and quality by Bay Area Checkbook. Bay Area Checkbook is a non-profit Bay Area sepcific magazine much like Consumers Reports. In the late 90's, the owner of Berkeley Cleaning Center sold the cleaners. Nancy saved her money and bought her own place. She is reasonable and very friendly. I have used her place for alterations and cleaning for over five years. I highly recommend her lockewong [at] yahoo.com

Rockridge Royal Cleaners on College is terrific. They are VERY nice people and do great work - ON PREMISES - this is key as this is how they control quality. Most places - and I imagine Red Hangar is this way - send their stuff out to a central location which is used by many dry cleaners. Therefore, they can't control quality and it also increases the odds of things being lost. We went to Garden Cleaners on College for many years until they ruined - and I meand ruined - a very expensive jacket - and flipped a real attitude when we requested they pay for (it was clearly their fault and they didn't deny it - just put us through the ringer to prove what the item cost.) Rockridge Royal has numerous times returned money, BART tickets, and other items left in pockets. And, once, when they broke a decorative button on a jacket, they pointed it out and they contacted the manufacturer and located a replacement Love Rockridge Royal Cleaners

I go to Dry Clean Time on Piedmont Ave at John. Nancy, the proprietor, is really nice and things get clean.

2005 Dry cleaner reviews

Dec 2005

Hi, We just moved to N. Berkeley. Can anyone recommend a good dry cleaner in Berkeley? We get my husband's dress shirts laundered and my designer suits cleaned so need a dry cleaner that can service both well. We are also looking for a dry cleaner for formal wear (i.e., one you would trust to clean your wedding gown). Thanks for your help. jessica

Merit Cleaners on Solano between Colusa & Ensenada. Good work, nice people, reasonable prices.

The gold standard for dry cleaners in North Berkeley seems to be Virginia Cleaners. They have an elegant, drive-up building, higher-end prices, and a reputation for doing a good job. You might start there and then shop around if you decide they're too pricey for you. anon

They aren't in Berkeley, but I like them so much that I go out of my way. The cleaners a few doors west of Trader Joes at El Cerritio Plaza is great. Friendly, efficient and professional. They will clean chenille sweaters that another cleaner didn't want to touch. I just fit them into a trip to Trader Joes or a soccer game. They aren't that far from the lower part of Solano Avenue. Anon

I've been pleased with Kensington Cleaners, (510) 524-2162, 374 Colusa Ave, Kensington. I don't have dry cleaning very often, but I have gone there since 1998. They were recommended by the Ecology Center for being environmentally friendly. I don't feel I need to bring any more 'perc' or other chemicals into my home than absolutely necessary. DR

May 2005

I have a vintage silk kimono that needs cleaning. Any suggestions? I am especially curious about dry cleaning vs. hand washing. If dry cleaning is recommended, I'd appreciate suggestions for specific dry cleaners that are known for dealing with delicate fabrics. Thank you. mcj

Go to GF Thomas on 14th St. in San Francisco. They are a family business for 5 generations or so. Mr. Thomas still runs the place and makes the call on what can or can't be cleaned. Their prices are reasonable, too. Two Berkeley cleaners have damaged my stuff, now I won't go anywhere else, even if it means driving to SF. MW

2004 Dry cleaner reviews

August 2004

Can anyone recommend a good and not-too-expensive dry cleaner in the Glenview, Montclair or Dimond district? Thanks!

I love Dry Clean Time toward the top of Piedmont Ave. Super friendly family runs it, who even gets to know your kids, if you take them with you on errands. They don't charge for replacing buttons and have reasonable rates for things, especially men's shirts.

June 2004

Does anyone have recommendations for a good, reasonably priced drycleaner in the Grand Lake/Oakland area? I just moved here and don't really want to schlepp my rapidly growing bag of dirty clothes to every drycleaner in town. Thanks!

I recommend Dollar Cleaners on Telegraph and 50/51st. They have done a great job with out clothes for over 10 years now and their prices are extremely reasonable. We pay approx. $2.75 for sweaters and dress slacks. They are also fast and open 7 days a week. Maya

2003 Dry cleaner reviews

June 2003

Does anyone know of an excellent dry cleaner in Rockridge, Montclair or Piedmont who does top quality work, has some customer service, and reasonable prices? I've been trying all the dry cleaners down college avenue starting with Red Hanger and then working towards Broadway Avenue, and so far I've had several very expensive pants ''accidently'' washed and shrunk, pants that are returned un-ironed, etc. sandy

If you are working down College Ave, you've probably already tried Garden Cleaners (across from Zach's Pizza). We've been using them for over five years and have found them to be quite reliable. There have been one or two screw-ups along the way, but the staff is very friendly and reasonable, and overall, the quality and value are very good. Good luck! Dana

I recommend ''Dry Clean Time'' across from Piedmont Avenue School at Piedmont and John. She is on the side of the Fish Tacos and the Fabric store. Nancy and her family own the cleaners. She took it over about two years ago. She uses a ''green'' system. The clothes are clean, pressed and wonderful. She is very friendly and does reasonably priced repairs as a seamstress too. They are Vietnamese but the sons are just as friendly and are fluent in English. locke

Sunny Piedmont Cleaners on Piedmont Avenue, 1/2 a block off of Pleasant Valley. They are great - fabulous customer service. If there ever is a problem they have ALWAYS taken full responsibility and made the situation right. I must have been through 10 dry cleaners before we found Sunny. By far the best! kristi

I have a good dry cleaner in Temescal that I've used for years. Dollar Cleaners on Telegraph (a block south of 51st). You pay up front which allows them to have the best prices around. I've always found their customer service to be really good (my husband disagrees somewhat and thinks there is a little attitude). But the quality - for going to them about five years - has been excellent. I think they might have shrunk one sweater of my husbands a few years ago (but even this I could be wrong). I don't recall any problems with their work -- if anything, it's been great! c

I used Sunny Piedmont cleaners at the top of Piedmont Ave. (near Pleasant Valley) in Oakland for about 10 years, and I wish I still lived close enough to use them now. They did a great job, never did any damage, and were very friendly--almost always remembered my name. Their prices weren't super-high but I don't really know how they compare any more. The only thing I was disappointed with was their mending--nowhere near the quality of the rest of their work. Kathy

I know exactly what you mean. I looked for a *long* time for a dry cleaners that put service first, and has good rates. I would highly recommend Bellevue Cleaners on Piedmont Ave, run by Betty and her husband. They are very friendly, know their clients personally, and have good prices. They have done some **amazing** work for me over the years, especially when they got the mold out of water-damaged silks and embroidery. Hina

I've always found Dollar Cleaners on 49th and Telegraph in Lower Rockridge/Temescal to be great. The owner is almost always there, they do excellent work, have reasonable prices, and they recycle wire hangers, so you can bring all the ones that have taken over your closet. Corey

I had horrible experiences with local drycleaners until I found Rockridge Royal Cleaners (College Ave., near Diesel & the bead store). They are fantastic. Quick, thorough, reasonable and above all very friendly. I have had no problems with anything and have taken about $50 worth of stuff a week for over a year. They even mend things that I haven't even noticed needed it w/o charging me. Not sure if they do this as a rule but they never charge me to dryclean my daughter's dresses. Anyhow, I can't say enough about their wonderful service and the quality of the cleaning. Nicole

Jan 2003

I have a very expensive beaded blouse that needs dry cleaning and I've been very disappointed most of the dry cleaners in the Montclair village and definitely do not trust them with this piece of clothing. If the best cleaner you know of is not in the Montclair area, I am willing to drive a bit. Many thanks. Signed, Sad and Soiled

Definitely try Sunny Piedmont Cleaners on Piedmont Avenue (about 1 block below Pleasant Valley) I have tried almost every cleaner in Montclair and the Lake Shore/Grand Avenue Area and they are by far the best. You should talk to Sunny herself about your item rather than one of the girls that work for her. I have also heard that Quality Cleaners in Montclair is good, though I have newver used them. Good luck kristi

I've gone to Plaza Cleanette (located in the breezeway area along with Score and Mailboxes Etc.) for several years and have never had a problem with them. Karen

I just took a long wool sweater with some kind of alpaca or llama trim to Uneeda cleaners in Montclair. It came back perfect. She only charged me 9.50. Not bad, I was expecting to pay more. It's the one on the same level as the upper parking lot at Safeway. Hope this helps! Danielle

C Cleaners in Elmwood (Berkeley). I trust them with anything and everything, and it always comes back perfect. Sarah

I second the recommendation for Sunny Piedmont cleaners. I used them for over 10 years and they never wrecked anything (my key criterion for cleaners) and generally did a very good job. And they were originally recommended to me by one of the most fastidious people I know, who had also used them for years. They send some special things to other cleaners--you might check if that's what they'd do with a beaded blouse (I'd trust them to choose someone good.) Don't use them for mending or alterations, though--the few things I had them do were quite poorly done.

Also, now that I think of it, there is/was a shop in Montclair that specialized in beaded clothing. I can't recall the name but it was on the main shopping block, near What the Traveller Saw (? something like that). You might check with them for recommendations. Kathy

Suede & Leather Cleaning

April 2004

Against my better judgment, I bought a light-colored suede handbag which has now become scuffed and darkened with dirt, newsprint, and daily exposure to other elements of urban life. I now have to get it cleaned--can anyone recommend a professional dry cleaner who does a good job cleaning suede? (And hopefully won't cost me more than the original price of the bag!) I saw in the archive a recommendation for Hopkins Launderette for general good dry cleaning...anyone have experience there getting suede cleaned in particular? Also, are there any do-it-yourself suede cleaning kits out there, or is this wishful thinking on my part? CC

Hopkins Launderette is my favorite place to go. They are a small, family run business and they are probably some of the nicest people on the planet. Suede cleaning is outrageously expensive and they send it out to a plant (I don't know where), so it's not done on the premises, but they did a good job for me. Most important, they are fair and ethical people. If there is a problem with your item you won't have a problem with them! -- perSUEDED customer.

Dry Cleaning for Wedding Dress

March 2007

I am looking for a reliable place to get my wedding dress thoroughly cleaned. I'm re-selling the dress, so I don't need any fancy archiving or anything like that. I just need a good dry-cleaner that will get it very clean without damaging it. The dress has some lace and beading, and I've heard that people have had bad luck using any old dry cleaner. (dresses coming back ruined) At the same time, I don't want to spend a fortune so that I'll actually make some money re-selling it. Does anyone have experience with someone trustworthy to do a good job at a reasonable price? Maybe a place that has a guarantee against damage? I looked in archives, but they were a little old and didn't exactly address my concerns. Many thanks, Shoshana

I got mine done at Lacis at Adaline and Ashby in Berkeley. They specialize in fine and antique lace and other fabrics so they're knowageable about both delicate fabrics and about preservation. I was very happy with them. My dress is now packed in a very nice and sturdy big blue box and ready to face the decades in style. Married for 7 years

Oct 2003

I would appreciate any recommendations on good places to get your wedding dress preserved (cleaning, preserving, etc) and overall advice. I read the previous recommendations but they seemed a bit dated. Thanks so much! Marjorie

Get it drycleaned, then wrap it an old sheet or something and put it in a suitcase you won't be using for a while. You do not need to get it ''preserved.'' I got married in 1990, and had the dress preserved. After I got divorced, I wanted to sell the dress. I had to get it cleaned again; the original drycleaner missed a spot and the preservation did nothing. Had it not been hermetically sealed, I might have noticed the bad drycleaning job the first time. I got married again, and this time just had the dress cleaned and I store it as above. My mother and my mother-in-law both did the same thing with their dresses - still good after 45+ years! Fooled once

''Preserving'' a wedding gown is pretty simple. First get it cleaned by any reputable dry cleaner. DON'T go for their ''preservation'' package, just get it cleaned. They will seal your gown in plastic which will yellow the fabric, guaranteed. Insist that they use a fresh batch of cleaning solution for your dress, even if you have to wait longer to pick it up. (Dyes can bleed from clothes into the solution, and that is NOT what you want your white dress swimming in.) You might also want to get a quote over the phone WITHOUT mentioning it's a wedding dress, since the markup is huge.

Then go to Lacis at the corner of Adeline and Ashby and buy an acid-free box and tissue. Stuff tissue into the sleeves and bodice, fold the gown carefully wrapped in more of the tissue, and place in the box. It will be just like new when your daughter needs it. Catherine

I bought my gown at Clarissa's in Walnut Creek & they recommend a service on the East Coast. Off the top of my head I can not remember the name of the place (my dress is at my dad's house), but if you call them I'm sure they will give you the details. This company has been in business 25+ years & was very easy to work with. Basically they send you a mailing box, a huge bag & all the paperwork then you send your dress back for cleaning. It is returned to you preserved, boxed and ready for storage. Hope this helps. Beth

Oct 2001

Can anyone recommend a dry cleaners who does wedding dresses for a reasonable price. I called our neighborhood cleaners and she quoted a price of $175.00. Can that really be the going rate? She said they send the dress out and have it returned cleaned and boxed. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to box it myself if I just get a standard cleaning. Thanks. Kim

I know a little bit about textile preservation from my work in museums and archives. Dry cleaners often box wedding dresses in the worst possible way (with plastic and cardboard). I would suggest having it dry cleaned and boxing it yourself. You can get archival materials sold for the purpose of boxing a wedding dress from Light Impressions catalogue (800-828-6216). It costs about $38.95. Once you box your dress, just remember to periodically take it out and refold it so that it doesn't wear along the folds. Melissa

Lacis in Berkeley (843-7290 on Adeline, near Ashby) handled my dress. Perhaps they did it as a favor because they had made my veil. And my dress was a long, straight evening gown, sleeveless, with lots of beads. The head of Lacis (I forget her name), actually recommended against drycleaning because the beads could melt. So for about $50 (the dress doesn't have much volume), they washed it and packed it in a box with the special paper. If they can't handle your dress, at the least I think you can buy the box and paper from them for very little. Call and ask their advice. Or take your dress by. Mary

It is my understanding that boxing isn't just putting a wedding gown into a box, but also heirlooming it, which I think is a special chemical process, and storing it in a sealed container. It depends how important it is to you that someone else (or you, again!) might wear the dress many years down the line. Some stores guarantee their process, and that might be a good reason to take it to an established cleaner. I had mine done (8 years ago, now) at Meaders, in San Francisco (I lived there at the time), and I think it was about the same price as you indicated - $175. Tracy

Yup, it costs that much, but I know a place that will do it for $125- Dollar Cleaners on Telegraph (near 51st).They send the dress out to probably the same place. I just picked up my dress yesterday (I got married 5 years ago !!)A standard cleaning is going to cost you alot anyways, and you probably would be better off having people clean it that are familiar with wedding dresses. If you are going through the effort of keeping it- you may as well let them package it up for you too. They did a nice job. Good Luck. Michelle

I was told by an expensive wedding dress store in Walnut Creek (can't think of the name) that they recommend that you store your dress in a light blue all cotton sheet. The cotton protects it and the blue keeps out the light. I have had mine that way for five years and it is fine. I can also take it out from time to time. Sheila

I don't have a rec on cleaning, but a word on storage. The dress should be stored in archival/museum quality storage containers, which means using acid free tissue for wrapping and crating the dress, and acid free archival/museum quality storage boxes. Many archival and museum equiptment supply houses carry storage containers designed for textiles. I cannot stress how important archival-museum storage is for fine textiles like a wedding dress, especially if you want the dress to survive for *your daughters wedding*. High quality storage supplies can be expensive, but its worth it for the long run. Without proper storage you run a risk of delicate fabrics discoloring with age, and the fibers getting weaker. Whatever you do, don't store the dress on a hanger and/or in a hanging plastic garment bag-- the plastic can *off-gas* and damage the textiles, and if you store the dress on a hanger the weight of the dress itself can cause significant damage over time. I'm enclosing some web page addresses for you re: suppliers and general information on textile care.
I. For reading and information: National Park Service Sites: http://www.cr.nps.gov/csd/exhibits/conservation/help.htm , http://www.cr.nps.gov/csd/publications/conserveogram/16-01.pdf and http://www.cr.nps.gov/csd/publications/conserveogram/16-02.pdf CoOL - Conservation OnLine: http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/ And - Textile Conservation Discussion List: http://palimpsest.stanford.edu/byform/mailing-lists/texcons/ II. Supllers of Archive supplies: Consemp (Conservator's Emporium) : Telephone: (775) 852-0404; Fax: (775) 852-3737; E-mail: consemp [at] consemp.com consemp [at] consemp.com> , URL: Conservation Resources International -- Toll Free: (800) 634-6932; Telephone: (703) 321-7730; Fax: (703) 321-0629 Hollinger Corporation --- Toll Free: (800) 634-0491, Telephone: (540) 898-7300, Toll Free Fax: (800) 947-8814 E-mail: hollingercorp [at] intersurf.net hollingercorp [at] intersurf.net> , URL: www.hollingercorp.com Metal Edge, Inc -- Toll Free: (800) 862-2228, Email: mtledge [at] ix.netcom.com mtledge [at] ix.netcom.com> URL: www.metaledgeinc.com Talas -- Telephone: (212) 219-0770, Fax: (212) 219-0735, URL: www.talas-nyc.com University Products -- Toll Free: (800) 628-1912, Telephone: (413) 532-3372, Toll Free Fax: (800) 532-9281, Fax: (413) 532-9281, E-mail: info [at] universityproducts.com info [at] universityproducts.com>, / EUDORA=AUTOURLhttp://www.universityproducts.com> info [at] universityproducts.com>mtledge [at] ix.netcom.com>hollingercorp [at] intersurf.net>consemp [at] consemp.com>

Green dry cleaner

Aug 2003

I'm trying to locate a non-toxic dry cleaner in the Berkeley/Albany area. I believe there is one on Solano Ave, but I've been unable to locate it. Thanks, Sarah

Although I have not used them, I've been told that Hi-Hat Drycleaning in Oaklnd offers an odorless, environmentally safe, noncarcinogenic dry-cleaning process. They are a family run business located at 2996 MacArthur Blvd. (510) 482-3094. B Avalon

Norge Dry Cleaners, on San Pablo Ave in Albany, offers ''wet'' cleaning, which is what it sounds like you're looking for. They are located just south of the El Cerrito Plaza on the west side of the street. Wet cleaning, as I understand it, involves washing things in water instead of chemicals. Because they are meant to be dry-cleaned the cleaning people have to stretch or press them back into shape. Some things cannot be wet cleaned. Also, be advised that it is considerably more expensive (about $2 per item). janet

There are two ''environmentally friendly'' ie. non-PERC using dry cleaners in the Albany/Berkeley area they are: they do both dry (using PERC) and wet cleaning (uses water but ''may not work for some materials'')
398 San Pablo Ave Albany 526-3850 Clean Living Clean they do a non-PERC chemical cleaning Albany 526-8861 For other areas contact: The Ecology Center 2530 San Pablo Avenue (@ Blake Street) Berkeley, CA 94702 Phone: (510) 548-2220 x233 email: erc [at] ecologycenter.org Open 11am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday http://www.ecologycenter.org/

May 2003

Has anyone found info upon researching the new replacement for PERC, decamethylcyclopentasiloxane? There's not much toxicity data on this that I could find. Have you found other ''dry cleaning'' alternative methods? I'm looking for a green drycleaner, and found only one listed in Walnut Creek in the Central Contra Costa County area for having replaced PERC w/ a hydrocarbon... still can be hazardous. Susan

The only one I know about: Hi Hat Cleaners, MacArthur Blvd at Maple (just north of 35th Ave), in Oakland. (510) 482-3094 Laura

I don't know what method they use exactly, but Hi Hat Cleaners on MacArthur kitty corner from the Food Mill advertises themselves as being a Green Dry Cleaners. They've always done a good job with my drycleanables. nelly

Norge Cleaners on San Pablo in Albany is a certified ''wet cleaner'' and the only one in the area that I could find after a lot of research. We take all our dry cleanables there and they claim it is completely non-toxic. The clothes come out great. ET

Earlier Reviews

Aug 2000

Does anyone know of good dry cleaners in the El Cerrito/Albany/Berkeley area? I'm looking for cleaners which are reasonably-priced, have a good laundry, and which will do spotting (you mark the stain on the garment with a piece of tape, and the cleaner then concentrates on that area). Bay (8/00)

The mother-daughter team at Hopkins Dry Cleaners across from the Monterey Market (Hopkins near Monterey) are wonderful, I've gone there for years. They will do spot-cleaning, but alas are not open on Sundays.

- In response to this question, try One Hour Martinizing on University, across the street from the Berkeley Adult School. They are open until 7 and on Saturdays. I don't think they're open on Sundays. Lena

There is a wonderful dry cleaner and laundry service on solano Ave. in albany called the LaunderInn which is about half way down solano Ave. It is a family run business, which is extremely fair in their prices, and totally reliable. We have always appreciated their consistent and professional and inexpensive services. Mary

I want to second the recommendation for the Hopkins Launderette (1543 Hopkins at the corner of Hopkins Ct; right across from the Monterey Markey). The mother-daughter team is practically a neighborhood institution. They have consistently high-quality work, very reasonable prices, and service that is absolutely unbeatable. And yes, they do spot cleaning. Jennifer