Archived Q&A and Reviews

Clockmaker to assemble a grandfather clock

June 2005

We have a grandfather clock that is in need of a clockmaker to reassemble it. We would like this person to come to our house if possible. Aside from the sentimental value we'd like to get the boxes out of our dining room! This clock was bought when my husband was born (remember the song) and I'd like to do this for my husband's birthday. Thanks so much! Lisa

There is a man in Davis named Barney Hill who has reassembled my parents' grandfather clock. I don't know if he would travel down here, but his phone number is 530-753-4922.

Cuckoo Clock Repair

March 2005

We have a beautiful old cuckoo clock that isn't working. Can anyone suggest a place we might take it to be repaired? Thanks! Debby

Try Jacob's Clock Repair on Piedmont Avenue - about 4 blocks west of Pleasant Valley. They are an old time clock shop and I have gone there for years for many clock and watch related fixes. Lisa

Repairs for grandfather clock and smaller clock

Jan 2005

I have several clocks that need repair and other work. I am having a grandfather clock shipped from the midwest that was my father's. Not only do I need it reassembled in my home by someone who knows what they are doing, but I know it needs some minor repairs. Can anyone recommend someone good for this purpose? I also have at least one smaller clock that needs repair, an atmos clock. I'm looking for suggestions for this as well. Happy if it could be the same person to service clocks large and small. Thanks. Amy

For Amy, who was looking for someone qualified to repair both large and small clocks. Peter W. at Washington Clock Company can take care of all your clock needs. He is the best at Clocks. All types of clocks are available, including: mantle, wall, desk, from the 1800ms, 1900ms, and newer. he is located in the Dimond District in Oakland- MacArthur/Fruitvale; (down the street from Redwood Day School). Questions? Contact Peter at 510.534.4168 or 510.919.4033. Tell him a JMSG parent sent you :) He is also hosting a Holiday Clock Sale. 25% of any purchase made by JMSG parents will be donated to the school. Clock lover
For clock repairs on old clocks large or small the best company around is Washington Clock Company, 1130 Harrison Street, San Francisco 415-864-2456. I have used them in previous years and they do excellent work and give a warranty on their work. They are worth the drive to SF and they will also come to your home for large clocks. Jholter