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Buying a Car for elderly mum

Jan 2010

I have three things I'd love input on: 1. I need suggestions on a car model. 2. Might one be able to lease a new car for not much more than buying a used one outright (without figuring in any tax savings? 3. Input on using a car broker to buy a car. My elderly mum needs a new car and the prospect of how to make the best decision and get one seems overwhelming.

1. She doesn't want to spend more than $15,000, and she wants a safe car (the words ''tank-like'' were used. But we've rejected Volvo, as we've heard they're expensive to maintain/repair). She drives about 5,000 miles/year.

2. And I've thought that she might be able to lease a new one for not much more than a good used one might cost. Especially if one of my siblings, who owns a business, leases it instead and makes some kind of arrangement with my mum (who does provide him with business advice).

3. Does anyone have experience using a car broker? Can you recommend one? Does one only use a car broker when buying (as opposed to leasing)?

I hate buying cars - mine is 15 years old and going strong. Jessica

I have used Carsmith Motors in Fremont to buy my last 3 cars and they helped me sell 2 of my cars also. They are a broker and dealership and hands down the best experience I have had buying a car. I actually found them from this site a few years back. Kevin is the owner and I also worked with Mike on my last car (Honda Odyssey) I am pretty certain they do leasing and sales but you can check on that for sure. I have an in-law who has a Honda Pilot and she loves it, it also is safe from what I have been told. The Lexus brand is also highly rated for safety and not as expensive for repairs as Volvo. Good Luck! Tracy

Nohr's Auto Broker

May 2005

We purchased our Volvo Wagon from Pat Nohr - new, not used - and he offered us a similar deal with a slight discount on the dealer's cost. He also sold my car on his lot. Both transactions worked well and I would definitely buy and sell thru him again. mrsbiles

I have not dealt with Nohr's, but I did have a great experience with Kevin Smith at He provided excellent service and car options, and we ended up with the lease-return of our dreams. lyn

Know what car I want, don't want to haggle

July 1999

I need to buy a new car and have already pretty well decided on a Subaru Outback. I'd like comments on this car from anyone with experience, good or bad. Also, any recommendations for neutral car brokers? I dread getting into negotiations with a car dealer, as I really don't know what to expect. Finally, if anyone has a 1996, 97, or 98 for sale..... Laura

When I was buying a new car in December, 1998, I looked to a car broker. I found a great one in Hammer Auto (1-800-696-7227)

You have to know exactly what you want including options. I liked the fact that he charged a straight fee instead of commission of the price of the car. When I bought mine, he charged a straight fee of $250, but that could have changed. Anyway, I highly recommend him. Ana

The Cal State credit union has auto brokers. Call them @ 849-2270 to get their numbers. I always use an auto broker to buy cars. That way you don't have to haggle, which I hate! Tony

It would be worth checking the site of I happened to see a consumer report about this site stating that they do not charge any fees to the buyer and deliver the car to your door! It is only offered in some states, on a trial basis.