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Looking for Good Business Broker

May 2010

A dear friend is looking to sell his business. He has built it from scratch to a successful place over the last 7 years. But knows very little about the process of selling a business. Can anyone recommend a good business broker, especially one who deals in the hospitality industry?

Talk with Bob Heger of Business Realty Brokers 510-5304138. He has a long history of business brokerage and an in-depth understanding of how to price and sell a business. He'll listen to your friend to get a good handle on what the business is and go over the books to make sure everything is in order. A very trustworthy guy. geraldine
Hi Anne, I highly recommended your friend talk to Joan Martin. She is business consultant who helps business owners evaluate their current business and determine what a good selling price would be. She has connection with a couple of good business brokers to help close the sell. Joan is a very successful business woman herself. She has helped many business owners across the country. She is a wonderful person and really nice to work with. Her email is Joan [at] or call her at 415-845-9448. Good luck, Lan