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  • car body shop

    Aug 13, 2016

    Greetings all. I am in need of a recommendation for a reputable body shop in the East Bay to have some repair work performed on my car as it some minor damage. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks.

    Uptown Body & Fender in Oakland, ask for Giovanna. She's done amazing work for us, and goes out of her way to do it right.

    We really like the people at Autobody 101 on San Pablo just north of Gilman. They have done good work, are a pleasure to deal with and their prices seem fair. Our insurance agent recently thought they were charging too little (!) for a repair and offered more money so they could get original manufacturer parts. 

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2008 - 2012 Reviews

Affordable repair for Hyundai

Oct 2010

I have a small bump in the front of my Hyundai. I need to find a good, reliable but 'affordable' auto mechanic, 'affordable' being the key word. I live in the Lamorinda area. Any suggestions? Thanks. anon

Go to Uptown Body and Fender 401 26th St Oakland(510) 251-8009. It is woman-owned and they are very flexible with their services. They give free estimates, and the shop is super clean and stylish. I had a dent on my fender and they did a great job for little $$. Their website is stu

Hello, I have to put in a recommendation for Sol at Broadway Smog and Tune Up. He is a lovely person and always takes good care of his customers. He is quick and efficient and I have never been shocked or upset by what he charges, it is always a fair price. You can check them out on Yelp as well. 3040 Broadway Oakland, CA 94611 (510) 452-2886

I highly recommend AutoPlus on San Pablo Ave in Albany (510)527-0100, across the street from Albany Bowl. The only repair shop I trust 100%. They provide an excellent service for a very affordable price. I have been there many times and I am always thrilled by their expertise and efficiency. Unlike many other places, they do not try to sell you something that you don't need. As far as I know, they service and fix pretty much any car. You won't be disappointed. They are very friendly too. Lothar

Oct 2008

Any good experience of repair Prius in reasonable price?

I went to Continental Auto Body and Paint Works after a Doctor friend fix her Volvo car there and was very happy with the quality.

I am also very impressed with the work done to my Toyota Prius:
- fast and professional job;
- fantastic service;
- courteous manager who takes pride in his work - he even detailed and waxed my car, which went beyond what the body repair called for. My car came back like a new car!

I highly recommend Continental Autobody and Paint Works to all! Wenny

I took my Toyota Prius to Berkeley Toyota Body Shop to have a minor dent/scratch fixed. They told me the total cost of the repair was $3,800 for the dent and $2,000 for the scratch, and I would be without a car for 9 days. I decided to take my car to another shop, and they repaired my car in 4 days: $2,300 for the dent and $0 for the scratch!

However, since I didn't fix my car in Toyota of Berkeley Body shop, the manager(Terri)wanted a ''storage fees'' of $130. She threatened me that I cannot have my car back without paying by ''cash'', so that I cannot ''disputing'' such charges with a credit card payment.

I was never informed of such charges in advance, otherwise, I would have never taken my car to this Toyota of Berkeley Body Shop for any estimation. I was forced to go to a local bank and cash $130 for her and got my car out of that garage.

I do not recommend this Body Shop to anybody. WY

Sept 2008

While I was parked in home depot, someone broke my back door glass with a few scratches(could be due to a ladder). My insurance will pay for part of it and I am trying to find a reasonably priced and trustworthy body shop in area east of El-Cerrito (I live in San Pablo). Manda

Try Gilman Collision Repair and ask for Craig Gaignard (510) 528-5940. This guy is the real deal. Honest, does great work at a fair price. I've never seen a car repair shop so clean and organized. He's in Berkeley. L

I recommend Stewart's Body Shop at 12540 San Pablo Ave. north of the HWY 80 on-ramp near Barrett Ave. They repaired the damage done to my car by another driver with genuine parts and did a fine paint job. The price was very fair (paid by the other driver's insurance co.) They have been in business for a long time--father to son Jason who runs it now. Assistant is Nadine. Barbara

August 2008

Body shop for Honda front end repair
Our 2006 Honda Civic has some light damage to the front end. The bumper keeps popping off due to getting caught on the curb. Does anyone know of a good body shop that can give us an estimate and/or fix the bumpeR?. We are looking for a place in Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito that can do the job quickly and inexpensively. honda civic owner

I have used Autotrends body shop on Broadway in Oakland--three times (ouch). They are fabulous: impeccably honest and excellent in workmanship. It's family run. You can look at your car every day on their web site to see the progress that's been made (I felt as if I could have almost kissed my car goodnight!)

I highly recommend a reputable shop (with strong recommendations); I once tried to save money by going to the cheapest bidder and got totally screwed (paint was not ''authorized'' color or quality and chipped/rusted). 2840 2840 Broadway Oakland, CA 94611 (510) 251-9510
Good luck. Linda

I don't know Albany area shops, but I can highly recommend Salle's Body Shop near downtown Oakland at 1049 9th Ave, Oakland, CA 94606 (510) 836-2190. It's a long term, family owned and operated, union shop that charges fair prices and stands by their work.

The thing about body shops, and auto shops in general, is that you want it done right and, most importantly, you want them to keep the toxic materials properly stored and disposed of. Asking for cut-rate work can sometimes lead to patronizing businesses that cut the wrong corners. And union doesn't mean protectionist, it means trained professionals paid a fair wage. You don't have to be an English speaker to be a union worker, but you do have to know what you are doing. careful consumer

2004 - 2007 Reviews

August 2006

I was referred to Stewart's Body Shop on San Pablo in Richmond by Honda of El Cerrito. Does anyone have any experience with this place: good, bad, or mediocre? Thanks cindy

I took my Honda Accord to Stewarts twice (two rear-enders, can you believe it?) and they did a fabulous job. On time, paint matched exactly, couldn't tell anything had happened. Great service. PT

March 2006

We have a beloved 1990 Toyota Cressida with 165,000 miles and a lot of pep. We slid on ice in Tahoe and hit an icebank, leaving a big dent on the side rear of the car and popping out the tail light. Because the blue book value of the car is so low, insurance wants to total it, rather than paying for the repairs. We still think the car has a lot of life left in it, and are looking for someone who would work on it without charging a premium. The work doesn't even have to be perfect...just sound. Any ideas? Thanks. Bora

Your car has earned the right to have a little character and a few wrinkles and blemishes. Why not just repair the broken lights and spray on enough paint to prevent rust? Then enjoy the 'golden years' of your car.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that other drivers behave better when they see your battle-scarred veteran car. They seem to get a glimpse of their own vulnerability and mortality. Good luck! Old person in an old car

I used EB Auto Service at 2338 E 12th in Oakland for engine work and was quite happy with them. Other shops wanted to do a big repair job and charge me $1000, but EB Auto only did what was really necessary and charged me $300. I think they will also do body work, but check with them at (510) 534-8328 and find out. E 12th runs next to the BART track and the shop isn't too far from the Fruitvale Station. Nancy

Sept 2005

Hi! I'm looking for a good, reasonably priced, trustworthy auto body shop in Oakland or Berkeley to do some auto body repairs to a Land Rover Discovery. If you also have any recommendations for a great mechanic, that would be terrific. Thanks in advance. Dana

Uptown Body and Fender in Oakland is the shop I would recommend. Ask for Giovanna, she will take care of your car and make the process as painless as possible. It's worth going there just to see the amazing architect designed facility. Melanie

August 2005 Contra Costa Body Shops

Does anyone have any suggestions for an auto body shop that is reputable and fair in Contra Costa...preferably Walnut Creek area? I need to take my van in and will be paying for it myself. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks! Moraga Betty

Although not in Contra Costa County, I can highly recommend 101 Auto Body at 1223 San Pablo Avenue in Albany, phone (510) 559- 8819. They replaced the trunk lid of my Toyota Celica after it became problematic and would not close, and they did a fantastic job. They matched the paint almost perfectly, and took off the insignia and put it on the new trunk lid so that if you didn't know it was a replacement, you couldn't tell. They did it in the time they said it would take (a day and a half). It was expensive - it was due to use and not an accident so insurance did not cover it - but it was worth it. Lori

We have had great experiences with Mike's Auto Body in Walnut Creek. They have two locations, one at 2288 North Main Street and one at 2140 North Broadway. We've used them a number of times in the past, and their work has always been excellent. Their prices also seem reasonable, although we've always had it covered by our insurance, so didn't necessarily get quotes from other companies for comparision. anon

You can look up mechanics at the Car Talk website ( In the upper right-hand corner of the homepage, just below ''Where to Listen'' is ''MechanXFiles'' for recommended mechanics. Simply type in your zip code and click search and it will come up with a list of mechanics with recommendations people have written in.

You didn't indicate which make of car you have. I have a Honda and while I've heard taking your car to the dealer for service is a bad idea for lots of reasons, I have always taken my Civic to the Walnut Creek Honda dealership for service because I've always had a good experience there and they have taken very good care of my car. Lori

July 2004

Can anyone recommend a good quality and fair-price auto body shop in/near oakland for dents and painting? also any tips on what to look for when shopping around? this is my first experience trying to get this service. thanks!

I took my car to La Loma 7 on San Pablo Ave, near Ashby, in Berkeley. They did a great job and kept the costs down when I took my car in for repair work that wasn't covered by my insurance. And they also 0worked well with the insurance company to get my insured work done. They gave me realistic, and pretty accurate, estimates of the time involved (which doesn't always happen with auto body shops), and the repair work and painting job still looks good two years after the fact. (I've had experiences in the past where the new paint doesn't hold up particularly well over time.) Good luck! Alison

I recently used Uptown Body & Fender, 401 26th St, Oakland, 510- 251-8009, and highly recommend them. They were recommended on the parent network. They were very helpful and answered all of my questions. This was my first time I needed car body work and use insurance for a claim. I needed a dent removed and the car had to be painted on one side.The office is immaculate. They offer you tea, coffee or espresso. They had the rental car meet me at the shop. My car was completed on time, it took 5 days. When I picked up the car, it was very clean, a thank you card and bag of carmel popcorn was on the front seat. Ali

June 2004

Body Shop for my Volvo
I managed to make a few dents in my relatively new Volvo. AAA considers a run in with a fence a ''collision.'' To avoid increased insurance costs, I'm looking to pay out of pocket. Any one have experience with a body shop that works on Volvos? Mine has an unusual paint color. Thanks!

Try Classic Auto Body in Berkeley - 1239 5th St Berkeley CA 94710 (510) 526-0310. I took my 2001 V70 there - they did a FABULOUS job. It looked like a new car! Lisa

2003 & Earlier

Dent removal

Sept 2003

Has anyone used Dentpro for minor dings on their car? Does it work? Does it last? Thanks for any info.

I have used Dentpro for parking lot dings twice and was very pleased both times. They were fast and I thought the prices were very fair. My body shop recommended them for small dings that didn't need full body work. The results are permanent- it's not cosmetic, they actually reshape the metal, and I can't see where the flaws were. There are some kinds of dents they can't do, and they only do small ones, but they don't try and do what they can't. Cecelia


Someone backed into our van and left a big dent on the rear door. Has anyone had any experience with Paintless Dent Removal services like DentPro? Does CSAA covers these expenses? Are there other alternatives (besides a body shop)?

I used the company that advertises at the AAA and was quite satisfied. But they only removed small dents from my doors, nothing large. They simply slid a bent metal rod down the slot where the window goes and gently pushed the dent back out. It took about 30 seconds. They spent a few more minutes polishing and the door looked like new. It cost about $100 but I found it easy to negotiate a lower price for a second door. Jenny

Feb 2003

Has anyone had any recent experience for body work on your car with Avenue Body Shop on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley? My car is sitting there because of Triple A, and I want to know if they do good work and are honest. Thanks. Anonymous

My car was at Avenue Body Shop in November--at least the third time it's been there. I can't recommend them more highly. I first heard of them when CSAA sent me there for an estimate. Ever since, I haven't even bothered to go anywhere else. Regarding honesty: usually it was a repair paid for by my car insurance and I have to rely on CSAA to know whether or not it's getting ripped off. But the two small repairs we had made on our own were done at a reasonable cost; one of them was made after the estimator there tried a no-cost fix that simply didn't last. (The tailgate catch had been bent and it finally had to be rewelded into place.) Fran

Jan 2003

Can you refer me to a good car body shop in the East Bay, preferably Walnut Creek/Concord/Pleasant Hill area but am open to other suggestions as well. Thanks! Marjorie

I have had great results with Jerry Mincey of Jerry's Body Shop in Oakland near San Leandro. 638-2260. On one job, I had gotten estimates of $600, $300, and $300; he did the job for $185. You couldn't tell I'd ever hit the telephone pole. I've had a few experiences with him since (sadly!), and he's done great work every time. He's happy to work with insurance companies or directly with you. Jennie

Good car body shop in the East Bay

December 2002

Can you refer me to a good car body shop in the East Bay, preferably Walnut Creek/Concord/Pleasant Hill area but am open to other suggestions as well. Thanks! Marjorie

I have had great results with Jerry Mincey of Jerry's Body Shop in Oakland near San Leandro. 638-2260. On one job, I had gotten estimates of $600, $300, and $300; he did the job for $185. You couldn't tell I'd ever hit the telephone pole. I've had a few experiences with him since (sadly!), and he's done great work every time. He's happy to work with insurance companies or directly with you. Jennie

Best, least expensive body shop?

August 2002

Can anyone give me a recent recommendation for a body shop? (I did see some postings re: bodyshops, but they are all a few years old.) My car rolled into a post, crumpling the hood slightly. Where would be the best, and least expensive, place to have something like this fixed? Thank you! Christine

Premier Auto Body on San Pablo Ave in BErkeley repaired my car last year and did a great job. The service was great too. They drove me to my destination the day I dropped my car off, and they arranged to have the rental car picked up at Premier when my car was ready so I didn't have that hassle. Their work was good and done more quickly than I expected. My repair cost was covered through an insurance claim, but it seemed reasonable to me. Premier's number is 843-0636. dent free again

I highly recommend Car Craft (2356 San Pablo, Berkeley-- 548-2072). We were referred there by Art's Automotive (one of the best mechanic shops in town). The owner, Fernando, worked on two of our cars (Japanese and American) and we were very pleased with his quality service and honest, straightforward manner. I think his rates aren't super-low, but they're reasonable -- and he'd help you work out all the alternatives to balance cost and quality if you tell him what you can afford. Jeff

I have recently used CSC in Oakland two times over the past few years and I thought they were very nice and did good work. The first time they were repairing someone's car that I had hit and was paying for out-of-pocket. They were so concerned about how much it was going to cost me because I was pregnant at the time and while I feel they did an excellent job on repairing the car, tried very hard to keep the cost down. anon

I HIGHLY recommend Uptown Body & Fender at 2118 Brush Street in Oakland (251-8009). The place is run by women and the atmosphere is so surprisingly wonderful. They make you coffee or espresso by the cup on their espresso machine while you're waiting (or hot chocolate if you prefer, or if you've got a little one in tow), they've got shelves of fabulous books and upbeat, inspiring posters on the walls, free estimates, free shuttle service, and their work is impeccable. I was blown away by this place. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Kate

The BEST body shop in the area is Uptown Body and Fender on Brush St. in Oakland. Go there for a free estimate and then make your decision while you sip your free latte. Our experience with them has been head and shoulders above any other. Their service is OUTSTANDING in every respect. Susan

I recently had body work done on my car, and had a great experience at Uptown Body and Fender in Oakland. I'm not sure how they compare in terms of pricing, but they did excellent work. They were also very professinal and friendly (and I had my 2yo with me both times I was there.) Elizabeth

Feb 2000

Hi all, I need to get some recommendations for a good body shop somewhere in Berkeley

I recommend getting an estimate from Avenue Body Shop on San Pablo near Cedar. Our mechanic just sent us there to get our car's tailgate latch replaced and they fixed it for free. I've also had a good experience with Rose Auto Body, which is near there. About 5 years ago, our car was rear-ended and one of these two places (I forget which) lowered the estimate so that the insurance company would pay it rather than declaring the car totaled. This also happened to a friend of ours at the same body shop.

Uptown Body and Fender, 251-8009, is a family-run shop that does superior work , treats customers extremely well (free cappucino and opera playing in the waiting room!), arranges rental cars and pick-up. When they found a new problem with my car window mechanism while fixing a dent, they offered to repair the window labor free, just charging me for the part. The shop is on Brush St. in Oakland, near the big Bekins Storage bldg. Very convenient to freeway. Highly recommended.

July 1998

I recommend Rose Autobody on San Pablo. Our car has been there twice. I was particularly impressed the second time, when the owner lowered the estimate so that our insurance company would agree to have the car fixed rather than junk it. I recommended Rose to a friend recently when he was in the same situation and he was also very happy. The first time, I don't recall any delays. The second time, it took several days longer than estimated, but that time they had to find a used rear door and paint it to match the car. Fran

For the person looking for a Body Shop referral. I would like to recommend Seven Eleven Body Shop located at 645 East 11th Street, Oakland, Ca 94606. The phone number is 510/835-2572 speak to Christopher Drummond. Good work, reasonable rates, insurance work accepted and local shuttle service. About 15 minutes away from campus. Ben