Walsh Brothers (Berkeley, CA)

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Feb 2010

Re: Non-dealer Mechanic for Volvo

I recommend Walsh Brothers on Harrison (near Gilman) in Berkeley. They've been working on Volvos for decades and they are extremely honest and reasonable. Kimberly

March 2010

Re: Volvo mechanic for ELECTRICAL system
I highly recommend Walsh Bros. Volvo Repair, near Gilman and San Pablo in N. Berkeley (510) 525-3302. Jon, the owner, is very honest, gives explanations with whatever level of detail you need, and does a great job. They specialize in Volvos, but also repair other types of cars... they got certified to repair Toyota Prius a few years back and we take our Prius to Jon as well. These are great guys! Julie

April 2008

Re: Repairs for old Volvo station wagon
Five years ago, we switched very happily to Walsh Brothers in Berkeley, based on recommendations here, and other write-ups. They are friendly, competent, have so far been affordable . . . and, I think importantly, they only work on Volvos, which they know and love. Good luck. John

April 2007

Re: Good Volvo mechanic in Berkeley
A great Volvo shop is Walsh Brothers in Berkeley at 1060 Harrison (off San Pablo near Gilman). Telephone: 525-3300. They have serviced my 1998 V70 for years and always give me a very clear explanation of what is needed, when it needs to be done in the maintenance schedule, and fair and reasonable prices. I've been to other Volvo mechanics and found them uncommunicative and sometimes offended and arrogant when I question them on the urgency of the work. Trish

Re: Good Volvo mechanic in Berkeley (April 2007)
I had a Volvo for many years (not currently) and found the Walsh Brothers to be really fine mechanics (I had used others but stayed with them once I found them)..... They are on Harrison St near San Pablo/Gilman Street in north Berkeley. They are smart, honest, and get the job done well. llyana l
Re: Tuneup for a Volvo (June 2006)
Walsh Brothers in Berkeley (near San Pablo/Gilman) - I've been taking my Volvo to them for years and completely trust them.
Re: Mechanic to assess used Volvo (Nov 2003)
Try Walsh Bros at 1060 Harrison in Berkeley. 525-3300. I've taken my Volvo to them for almost 20 years. They're really nice, totally honest, and good mechanics. They're probably not the cheapest, but they're definitely cheaper than a dealer. Lucy
[After a negative experience with another shop,] I am now a very satisfied customer of Walsh Brothers on Harrison Street in Berkeley (off of San Pablo Ave). They are very honest and always provide me with different options/solutions so that can try to save money on my very old (1982) car. I have no complaints about their work and feel that they are very customer service oriented. As a woman, I am quite comfortable dealing with them and never feel like they take advantage of the fact that I don't have any knowlege regarding car maintenance. Daphne
We use Walsh Brothers off of Gilman near REI in Berkeley and love them. The number is 510.525.3300. Elissa
For those searching for wonderful Volvo mechanics, I highly recommend Walsh Brothers in Berkeley. My family and I have been taking our various Volvos there for several years and have always been extremely satisfied with both their work and their friendly attitude. They are located at 1060 Harrison St. in Berkeley (just below San Pablo between Gilman and Marin and around the corner from McDonalds). Their phone number is 525-3300.
From: Ann

recommendation: Volvo mechanic: I highly recommend Walsh Bros., 1060 Harrison, Berkeley, 525-3300. Jon (owner) has been taking care of my 1980 Volvo for over 252,000 miles, and my husband's rebuilt (by Jon) 1972 engine for almost 250,000 miles. Jon is personable, trustworthy, and has kept our family on the road for almost 20 years.