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Mechanic for 2006 Saab 9-3

June 2010

We are looking for a good, trustworthy, mechanic for our 2006 Saab 9-3. We have not been very happy with the service at our dealer in Oakland. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! Barbara

I feel your pain. I have a 2000 9-5 that has needed lots of major and minor work and I've taken it all over the place in search of someone honest and competent. Unfortunately there is not a simple answer. Some options:

1) Saab Replay - Carleton street in Berkeley. They know their stuff, but ever since Andy left a few years ago, they are very slow, it's hard to get in and I have felt a little uncertain about their recommendations. The owner Randy is a good guy.

2) Fairmount Auto - near El Cerrito Plaza. John Wansick runs a great shop. He's been recommended before for Saabs and can take care of your car, but he's not a Saab specialist (though that may be changing...)

3) The Right Solution - Los Angeles (yup, really!) Walter Wong is the best Saab mechanic west of the Rockies (or maybe in the US.) If you are planning a trip down south - and your car will make it - you can do no wrong by taking it to Walter. He's just off the Santa Monica Freeway at Venice - not far from Beverly Hills, but his labor rates are LOW. Just Google him - you'll see what I mean! He's the only reason I've kept my car.

4) If I need dealer service, I use Dirito in Walnut Creek. They are ridiculously expensive, but I think they are more trustworthy than Oakland. I've heard Burlingame Saab is the best in the Bay Area, but I can't vouch for them.

Good Luck. Becky

As a previous poster mentioned, there are very few Saab mechanics in the Bay Area. I think there is a specialized Saab place down in the South Bay, but I'm not sure of the name. My husband asked me to post a recommendation for World Imported in San Leandro (they specialize in European cars), where he's been taking his Saabs for the past few years. Niki

Good Saab mechanic?

May 2009

Does anyone have a good Saab mechanic they would recommend? I went to Downtown Saab while my car was under warranty but I'd like someplace in Berkeley if possible. need a tune up

My husband the saab nut says: Saab Replay at 1014 Carleton Street. The work is first-rate. saab sister

Saab Replay on Carleton in Berkeley, 540-1120. When you own a Saab you will get to know your mechanics. This is the team you want. They do very good work. anon

Saab mechanic with integrity?

March 2008

I just lost trust in my Saab mechanic of 5+ years. Can anybody recommend a good mechanic/shop where you feel comfortable that the establishment is competent and has integrity? Saab owner

I highly, highly recommend Fairmount Auto, owned & operated by John Wonsick (sp?). 6525 Fairmount Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530, (510) 524-0313. Located right next to El Cerrito Plaza shopping center. We got tired of the high prices at Art's on San Pablo and asked our auto body guy who fixed HIS car...he sent us to John. John's been fixing our car for 5 years, and we've found him to be incredibly scrupulous in repairs and pricing. We live in east Oakland and we take our cars to El Cerrito to him to fix, he's that good. We even had our car towed to him from Oakland once because the price he gave us for a broken radiator fix was $300 less than the local guy out to scam us. Time and time again he's saved us money and done great repairs, too many stories to fit here. I've spent enough time talking to John over the years to know he's a really decent person, and the mechanics he has working with him are great folks too. Most repairs he has done the same day, which is really han! dy when you only have one car like we did until recently. An added bonus is that he's right next to the BART station, so you can drop your car off in the morning, BART to work and back to your car. Check out the reviews of his shop on, they are just as glowing. anon

With many years of loyal customers, I highly recommend Ali Ashbani of Montclair Autotech at the Oakland/Berkeley border (5427 Telegraph 510.654.3888). Ali is a great communicator, has competitive pricing, offers honest service and superb expertise. He has worked on my Volvo XC for the past six years. His shop is authorized by Volvo and they work on Japanese and European cars. They provide drop off and pick up shuttle too! Satisfied Customer

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In need of a major servicing

April 2004

We have 1991 Saab 9000 in need of a major servicing. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy and reasonably priced mechanic who knows about Saabs? aarti