Precision People's Car Repair

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Jan 2009

Re: Solid repair shop in Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda
I love Precision People's Car Repair in Berkeley (just off San Pablo near Gilman/REI). Ken never made me feel stupid for not understanding cars, he was fair in his fees, didn't do unnecessary repairs, and really cared about quality. Very good guy, good hires, good place to take a car. Talia

May 2008

Re: Mechanic for a Dodge Caravan
I love Precision People's Car Repair on San Pablo near Gilman. They're honest, don't do unnecessary work, charge a fair rate, and don't talk to you like you're dumb if you don't know cars. They worked on my VW Bug, and my Nissan. Talia

May 2008

Re: Mechanic for 1999 V6 Passat
I love Precision People's Car Repair on San Pablo near Gilman. They did a great job on my VW Bug, kept it running when it was held together with duct tape and twine practically, and were good to work with personally as well. They told me when it would cost more to fix the engine than the car was worth rather than take my money and run. I highly recommend them. Talia

Nov 2007

Re: VW service in Berkeley or Oakland?
I really like Ken at Precision Peoples Car Repair (1346 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley - 524-1911). The service is great, the repairs are done right and I always feel like he's giving me an honest explanation of what I need. After he works on my car he'll show me the parts he removed and explain what was wrong with them. He has also told me about things that are weird VW quirks, but don't need to be fixed even though another mechanic might tell me different just to make the extra money. I think his prices are good too, although honestly I haven't checked around in a while because I just go to him every time these days. another Golf owner

October 2002

Re: Mechanic for 1965 VW Beetle
Try Precision People's Auto on San Pablo near REI. They specialize in old VW's, and I really trust the mechanic, Ken. For autobody work I love Koehler's on San Pablo near University. My family has used both places over many years.