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Where to get 2004 Tacoma Auto Parts?

May 2012

I own a 2004 Tacoma 4x4. The electrical wire that connects to the switch that makes the window move up and down (not the HARNESS), those 2 connections are burnt out and those parts need to be replaced. Over the last 2 years I have tried to seek out the part at junk yards in many ways with no luck. To replace the parts brand new with Toyota minus labor costs is $300 of each part. I'm seeking the best method, besides Toyota, Ocean Works, to help me replace the parts at affordable cost. I was thinking it maybe better to find an mechanic that deals with electrical, or body shop repair, but was too wondering if there are any AUTO buffs, etc on here that might be able to give me a better solution than paying full cost. Is there a website that sells Toyota wholesale parts, or a place I can take that will work with me. I'm needing help on this matter. Summer is coming again, and it gets SOOOOOO hot in the truck! 2 years to long without a working window!!!

Here's something you could try, assuming your mechanic is OK with salvage parts. The town of Rancho Cordova (near Sacramento) seems to be full of auto dismantlers, and they all ship parts fairly cheaply. If you Google 'Rancho Cordova Toyota dismantlers' you will probably have several options. I've done this twice for Volvo parts; my siblings have also gotten parts for other makes of cars, and we have all been happy with the results. Jennifer