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July 2003

i'm looking for a recommendation for an oil change (& filter, spark plugs, air filter change) place in north berkeley, albany, or el cerrito. the website has one question asking for recs and the only response was someone telling them to do it themselves! i'd like to know if anyone uses jiffy lube or another such place, and if they're reliable. thanks. Recommended:

  • Art's Automotive
  • Sid Guthrie
  • Quality Tune-up
    Nov 1999

    Hi. I just checked the UCB recommendations for auto mechanics. But what I want is just a recommendation for a simple oil change. Any places out there that you'd recommend? Preferably a place that I could just drop in and get my car's oil changed--no appointment necessary.

    Oil Change- It's not a lot of work to change the oil and filter on most cars. All one needs is the appropriate wrench, oil of the right weight, a new filter,a drip pan, a plastic gallon jug and a funnel (for disposing of the used oil in the drip pan), and newspaper. For some newer cars, accessing the filter is tough without blocks for the front wheels, but those are around the cost of one oil change. I have a 1984 Toyota and have always changed the oil. It takes around 15 minutes total time and about $6.00 in supplies after the initial purchases of wrench, drip pan, etc. Nori