Montclair Auto Tech (Oakland, CA)

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Dec 2009

Re: Volvo mechanic/shop needed
Try Montclair Volvo. Montclair Auto Tech, 5427 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, REasonably priced and they have done great with my 1990 240dl. volvo lover

Re: Good Volvo mechanic in Berkeley (April 2007)
I'd like to recommend a neighboring business to mine which is called Montclair Auto Tech. They are honest people to deal with and although I don't have a Volvo, that is their specialty vehicle to work on. (There are many great reviews of their service on the cartalk website.) Their address is: 5427 Telegraph Ave in Oakland. Phone: (510) 654-3888. patti
Re: Tuneup for a Volvo (June 2006)
We also own a volvo 91 wagon and have been to 3 different places. The last one, which we really like and have used for the last 4 years, is Montclair Authotech, on Telegraph and 55th. Their phone number is 654-3888 Eva
Re: Tuneup for a Volvo (June 2006)
I have all my Volvo regular maintenance and repair work (I'm on Volvo #2) done at Montclair Auto Tech, which is NOT in Montclair, but rather in Temescal, 5427 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, 339-8600. Ali and Charlene are great. If this is your first Volvo, though, be aware that Volvo parts are costly and thus even routine maintenance can be very expensive no matter where you go. I used to go to an independent Volvo mechanic in Alameda and it was the same.
Re: Good Volvo mechanic in Berkeley (Feb 2005)
This shop is not in Berkeley, but is near by so I thought I'd share the info anyway... We are EXTREMELY happy with the service at Montclair Autotech, 5427 Telegraph Avenue (North Oakland), ph. (510) 654-3888. We have an old (91) 240 wagon with lots of mileage and the repairs have been always through, timely, and with very reasonable prices. Eva
Re: Mechanic to assess used Volvo (Nov 2003)
When we moved to Lower Rockridge I started taking my car to Montclair Auto Tech on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland. Phone number is 654-3888. I'm very happy with them. They have always given me good estimates, have worked on time, and have called me to inform me of the progress of the work. Good luck, Eva
We have been very happy with Montclair Auto Tech on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland (near 51st St. exit off 24). They have done an excellent job keeping our 1982 240 and 1987 740 Volvo wagons running well. They only work on Volvos and are very nice, conscientious, prompt and reasonably priced (I think!). I don't have their # near this computer, but they're in the book. Laura (July 2001)
We recently started going to Montclair Auto Tech on Telegraph Ave. near 55th St. in Oakland. We found them very helpful, flexible, and reasonable in terms of cost. They fixed up our 1989 Volvo wagon for about half the estimate we got from the dealer. So far, it is running very well. We found the name on the parents web site. Cynthia (July 2001)
I very highly reccomend Ali at Montclair Auto Tech. It's a very small shop (just Ali and a female assistant), and not, despite the name, in Montclair. He's on Telegraph, near Claremont. He's incredibly honest, every thing he's ever done on my 84 DL has been perfect and cheaper than I expected. I would (and actually do) trust him with my own and my children's life. He explains everything carefully and as though to an intelligent adult. His phone number is 510/654-3888. Myriam