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Mechanic for '84 Mercedes diesel

May 2010

I have an '84 Mercedes Diesel 300D that is need of some maintenance & repair. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good, trustworthy mechanic that is very knowledgable about this era of Mercedes? Prefer someone in the Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area.



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    Mechanic for 2001 Mercedes

    Sept 2005

    I have acquired a 2001 mercedes from my father, and now need a trustworthy mechanic, but not over the top Re:$$, to help me maintain it. Can anyone recommend anyone in the richmond,albany, el cerrito, berkeley area? Thanks so much! mich


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    Mechanic for 1996 Mercedes E300D (diesel)

    November 2001

    We have a 1996 Mercedes E300D (diesel) and want a recommendation for a reliable and preferably not too expensive mechanic. We live in Oakland and would prefer a mechanic nearby but are willing to travel a reasonable distance for a good mechanic. miho

    The EASY (European Auto Salvage Yard) in Emeryville used to have a great mechanic for Mercedez diesels. If they're still there they're the best around. Nancy