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March 2006

We're thinking of buying a Mazda 5 to replace our beloved, but gas-guzzling Honda CRV. According to the manufacturer's invoice, the car is rated at 21/27 mpg, but the dealer told us with manual transmission we could expect to get more like 25/31. If you own one of these, what has been your experience in terms of fuel economy? Has it lived up to expectations or not? Also - are there any downsides to this car - for instance, power, handling in inclement weather, etc.??
--looking for more bang for the buck

I bought a Mazda 5 in 2003 and have had great luck with it. My MPG average around 30. One thing I dislike is the tires - the car came with expensive tires ($150/ea.) and so far I haven't found anyone selling them for less than that. Otherwise, I really have no complaints. Kristen

Trustworthy mechanic to inspect Mazda I'm purchasing

July 2005

If you know if a mechanic who is above all trustworthy and knows his/her way around Mazda's...please send me their 411. I am looking to purchase a used Mazda and need to have it inspected. The owner lives in Fremont and wants the car looked at close to home. I'd prefer not to take it to a dealership. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much! Jennifer


  • Kenny's Auto Repair Fremont