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Feb 2008

Re: Routine maintenance for a Honda
I've been taking my 2004 CR-V to Oakland Honda on B'way, since we moved here in 2005. They've been professional, friendly, accommodating on making service dates and best of all, super FAST getting things done... --Honda Happy

Sept 2005

I live very close to Honda of Oakland and am interested in having my Civic serviced there instead of my usual mechanic who is about a 20 minute drive from my house. What I'm wondering is if anyone who has their car serviced there can give me a review of the experience. I have had negative experiences with other dealership service centers in the past (like Toyota of Berkeley telling me I needed my brakes replaced when they were in almost perfect condition - I got a second opinion luckily) - anyway, the convenience of Honda of Oakland is very tempting, as well as my belief that dealership service centers probably know their own cars better than other mechanics -- It's just the trust issue. So if you have your car serviced there please give me a review -- thank you. anon

I went to Honda of Oakland many yrs. ago and as w/ all dealers, you will pay top dollar to get service for your Honda. Over the years, I have had had many mechanics tell me I need work done that is not necessary. The best mechanic for Hondas, hands down, is Berkeley mini car ... Susan
I bought my Honda Odyssey at H. of Oakland and have had it serviced there for all 3 years of its life. I have had no complaints. There are probably cheaper ways to go, but I have been satisfied with the work and convenience of the dealership. I take advantage of their shuttle to downtown Oakland, and have them come pick me up at the end of the day, as well. I recently had a service down and balancing (?) the tires was recommended. However, when I picked up the car they said they did not do it because I would need new tires fairly soon, and it would be a waste of money. I appreciated that. . . Debbie
We use Honda of Oakland. About 5 years ago my Honda developed a strange quirk which caused itermittent non-starts. Honda of Oakland was the 3rd mechanic that we went to (and I found them by calling Honda North America. This dealership/repair shop is a many time Honda winner for sales and service). They diagnosed and solved the problem in 1 day. It ended up being a problem within the fuel pump.

They are more expensive than others I have been to. But they get the work done, and from what I can tell, it gets done right. My Honda now has 156,000 miles. On certain occasions when they have not been able to get my car done, they have rented me a car to drive. One time they knocked 30% off the bill. They also have shuttle service that brings me to and picks me up from my Oakland office. Leslie