Which Car for Commuting?

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Need comfy sedan/wagon for work

Jan 2007

i am beginning to look for a car that is the most comfortable to drive. i'm now in a jeep cherokee which is the worst!! noisy, no shock absorbtion, hard seats that are too big for an average sized woman, etc. i drive a lot around the bay area for work, and need to save my back, neck, and sanity! do people have recommendations for sedans or wagons that feel cushy and quiet? thanks gail

I LOVE my Subaru Outback, the most comfortable car I've ever driven, and it handles like a dream! Cece

I definitely recommend Audi AllRoad for a cushy, comfortable, quiet, and a very practical car. We've been using one for 1 year and have been very happy with it. It's more expensive than the other station wagons but definitely worth the price Setenay

Test drive the Prius. In addition to it's fuel economy, it's very quiet and comfortable. I used to get a stiff upper leg from driving to LA in my Toyota pick up. This holiday season I drove to and from LA twice with relative ease; no achy muscles or feelings of exhaustion. Susanne

Need to buy a second car for commuting

June 2006

For years, our family of 2 adults and 1 child has managed to get by with one car, our trusty Honda. But now, due to work schedules, we sadly need to buy a second car. I am so overwhelmed with the choices and was hoping to get recommendations from everyone. Here is what we are looking for:
1. Good gas mileage. 2. safe, but NOT an SUV. 3. Affordable (do not need all of the bells and whistles). 4. Not brand new but 2004-2006 model with less than 30K miles preferred. 5. Hoping to spend less than $15,000.
Thanks! car overwhelmed

Get a Hyundai! They are extremely reliable and totally cheap. You might be freaked out because you can get a pretty nice, safe car (side air bags, etc..) for 15,000 dollars, easy. But their 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty will make you feel alright about it.

We have a Hyundai accent, which is the bottom of their line, and have been very pleased with it. We've had to use the warranty for little things and have never been questioned. They just take it in, fix it, and it is free! I really like this company and their products are getting better and better. we like our little car

Check out the web site for Car Talk. They have a car advisor section that asks a series of questions and suggests cars to fit your criteria. You can research test drives of the cars that you select as well. It is for new cars only, but it is a good starting point. http://www.myproductadvisor.com/mpa/auto/inputSummary.do

We bought a 2002 Toyota Echo about 2 years ago - got it used off of Craigslist and spent less than $8,000. It's a very reliable car and the gas mileage is the next best thing to a hybrid - 40+ mpg on the highway. And the emissions are among the lowest. The downside is that it has a rather cheap and plasticy feeling and the car is light - a couple times in very high winds it has felt shaky. But the crash test ratings are good on consumer reports. Also for a small car it feels roomier than some, partly because it has a lot of head room. happy with our echo