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2010 - 2012 Reviews

Someone to deep-clean our SUV

June 2012

We are looking for a recommendation for a place or a person to deep-clean the interior of our SUV. All services on Yelp that I've seen appear to have 3 stars at most and the negative reviews give me a pause. Specifically, we have fabric seat covers that we need to clean and I would like to avoid having soggy seats for weeks that end up having streaks of various colors in the end (one of the relatively common complaints I've seen on Yelp). If you know of a fantastic place that can provide a high-quality cleaning service for a car (I don't really care for the car surface, just the interior, if that matters), I would greatly appreciate it. anon

I LOVE Alberty's in Berkeley. They are simply amazing. The interior of my car is tan fabric - and with two small kids, that is not a good combo. I get my car detailed once a year, and every time I pick it up, I'm simply amazed at what Albertys has done. The car looks almost brand new (it's 10 yrs old). It's about $80 for the interior - more if there's pet hair and $20 for an exterior wash. Look them up on Yelp. Alberty fan

I know the best place! Mother Nature's Carpet Cleaning came to my house and shampooed the interior of my car while it was in my driveway. The cost was around $80 a couple of years ago. Check them out at Since you are looking for someone to clean just the upholstery, not detail the car, this is a great solution. Also, they don't use a lot of nasty chemicals.

We're big fans of Lee's. Near the MacArthur Bart on Tele. Old school. Tell 'em the guy with the crab water in the station wagon sent you. kleen kar

I highly recommend Shattuck Auto Colision Center on Shattuck near Ashby. I've had two friends who've had their cars detailed there, and both of them have been very happy with the results. I know Jim Padilla, the general manager, and he is nice and very easy to talk to. I believe the cost is between $150-$250, and includes interior, exterior and waxing. 510-848-6281. lisette

We used Ryan Anderson to detail our Jeep Wrangler last year. We had two dogs and lots of hair built up on the interior. He spent a couple of hours vacuuming and cleaning the inside so it looked like we didn't even own dogs. Amazing! The exterior was also nicely detailed. He was super-friendly and hard working. Ryan comes to your house and brings all of his equipment. For $100 it is a bargain for the amount of work and transformation he did on our car. He comes with the highest of recommendations from me! Katie

Seeking careful auto detailer for BMW exterior

July 2011

I am looking for a careful, thorough, auto detailer for the exterior of my black BMW. I park under a plum tree and some plums have fallen on the hood and streaked the finish after a day in the sun (I do not have a garage to park in). I am looking for a thorough polish/wax/exterior detail. Any recommendations in the Oakland/Berkeley area would be appreciated! Looking to Restore the Luster

Done Right Auto Spa, just off Broadway in the Auto Row area (I think maybe it is Brook Street, but google it) did a nice job on my husband's 10 year old black Audi recently. taking the Prius next

Alberty's Auto Detailing is great. They work on many high end cars, and really do a great job. Much more attention to detail than the quick detailing job you get at Touchless Car Wash. They also have great reviews on Yelp. Alberty's is on Delaware& San Pablo, phone number is 510-526-1987. Kim

I just had my daughter's car detailed at Alberty's Auto Detailing Shop on San Pablo in Berkeley. They charged $160 for thorough inside and out job. (They don't clean engines). After they were done, the long-neglected paint was super-smooth and shiny again. It's a family operation and they are a pretty charming bunch. Ed

Car Wash Service that comes to your home

April 2011

Does anyone know of a good, reasonably priced car wash service that comes to your home? I usually take my car to Touchless which does a very mediocre job and is overpriced for such lack of quality. It would be very convenient to have someone come to our house & wash our cars. We live in Berkeley Hills area (Kensington). Thanks much! mikita

I recently had Oscar of Clean Green Mobile detail the exterior of my car. He has all the right tools, including a gentle power washer that saves on water. And my car looks great. Oscar Kegel, Owner Clean Green Mobile (510) 965-8683 satisfied customer

Clean Green Mobile ( just performed what I would call a very thorough interior and exterior car wash, for a price far less than I expected---using only eco-friendly cleaners/solutions. Oscar, the owner and sole employee at the moment, pays a lot of attention to detail and will make sure to understand your areas of concern, let you know what is possible and the associated time and cost, and check in with you during his appointment if he has any questions about what you want him to spend his time on. He is also incredibly flexible and willing to price services a la carte, so if you want more than his standard car wash but less than a full detail, he'll work something out. While it is impossible to judge everything about a business after one encounter, I truly believe that Oscar is an honest, hardworking small business owner (who came up with a brilliant concept and market differentiator, if you ask me!). I'd highly recommend Clean Green Mobile and plan to have Oscar detail my car regularly. Feel free to let him know that you heard about him from me. -- Jennifer (owner of a silver BMW wagon)

Auto Detailing / Carpet Cleaning

May 2010

Where can I get a great car detailing? My 10 year old car needs a good detailing especially because of the carpeting. It's very old and dirty. clean

we used Alberty's on Delaware and San Pablo and they did a great job! Leslie

2007 - 2009 Reviews

Drive Through Car Wash In Oakland

Nov 2008

This may seem like a silly question, but I'm looking for a plain old drive through car wash in Oakland. Not the one at Pleasant Valley and Piedmont- I'm looking for the kind where you can get your car washed for five dollars after you fill up your tank. Bonus points for a coin-op vacuum you can use afterwards. I haven't seen a place like this around. I don't need my car detailed and I'm looking for something reasonably priced. I'm hoping to find something near Mills College, but could probably fit it in with other errands if it's in a different part of town. Thanks!

There is a drive-thru car wash at the gas station at 55th and Telegraph, Oakland. I don't know the cost or if it has a vacuum. Not in Oakland, but a great car wash is Kaady Car Wash at 400 San Pablo Ave., Albany across from the complex that houses Trader Joe's/Barnes & Noble/etc. Their $5 wash (including blowing the car dry) does a great job. 510-527-5733. shiny car & happy kids

The high street area has several car washes. The Shell Station has a drive through and the corner near home depot there is a hand wash car wash service. In addition on Buena Vista in Alameda near Nob Hill Shopping Center there is a self-service car wash. mystiqueek

2004 - 2006 Reviews

Car wash that recycles water

August 2006

Does anyone know of a car wash that recycles the water they use? Apparently this is the most ecological way to wash your car unless you can park your car on your yard and use phosphate-free detergents. Otherwise, your soaps go through the storm drains, straight into creeks and the bay untreated. I just called the Solar Car Wash, and they said they do not recycle their water. I can't believe that it is even legal to own a car wash that doesn't, but it seems like most of them don't. If Berkeley doesn't have a law about this, who does?! Does anyone know of one near Berkeley? I'll wash it myself or drive through the automatic kind.

Kaady carwash, near the El Cerrito Plaza, recycles at least part of their water runoff.

I don't have a specific recommendation, but I believe that even car washes that don't recycle DO drain into the SEWAGE system (like your sink drain), and get treated before discharge - not the storm drains that go right to the bay. See

Auto detailer to clean my very dirty car

April 2006

I am looking for an auto detailer to clean up my very dirty car, upholstery, carpets, vinyl, etc. It's gotten beyond my ability to use my own elbow grease! Someone who touches up exterior would be good too, though this isn't as crucial. Anyone have good experience with a particular one? I'd like to find someone in Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito area. Lori

Can anyone recommend an auto detailer that does a thorough job? I've heard of some that come to you, and am interested in that particular option as well. Thanks! Beth

Try Alberty's detailing on San Pablo in Berkeley. They work on all sorts of high end cars, and do a beautiful job. They are not cheap, but the work is top notch. James Alberty, Alberty's Detailing: 510-526-1987. Kim

I know of someone who is great he just did my van and it looks great. The name of the business is Auto Spa, the owner is Reno Graham he is a mobile detailer who comes right to your house. I have kids so this is really a big plus for me. The phone number is 510-501-7653. mila

Quality full-service car wash?

Nov 2005

Can anyone recommend a QUALITY full-service car wash. I'm not looking for a detailer, just a place to bring our cars maybe once a month or so that will do a great job cleaning w/o damaging them. Location is not important; great service at a fair price is. Thanks!

There's a family that washes cars on the side of the gas station at 55th and MLK in Oakland near Children's Hospital. They set up shop every weekend unless it's raining, and usually work till 5pm. The prices start at $6 to $7 and go up, depending on size of car and whether you want the inside vacuumed (I believe you need to get there by 4pm if you want a vacuum). They wash the cars by hand, are very thorough and fast, and they charge a reasonable rate for their service. Lori

I have always been impressed by the service at High Street Car Wash. For my Ford Escape, it is $24.95 for the full service wash. I think they have three options. They are very thorough and don't mind you giving the car a once around after they are finished. The catch is it takes a long time. At least someone with two kids in tow would think it was a long wait:) Plan on about 30 minutes if there is no line up of cars, more like 45 minutes on a nice day, and even one hour if it's a weekend nice day. There is a comfortable place to sit and wait inside or outside and there are refreshments for sale to help you speed up the time. If you were in for a long wait, you could also head over to Home Depot. I've also had experience with the Union 76 station on Broadway. I'd say that they are not in the same league as High Street. Not as thorough and detailed. Dana

We really like Touchless Car Wash in Berkeley on Oxford, at Bancroft (?) or Kittredge. We always get the cheapest drive-through exterior wash, but they do a great job - 3 or 4 people soaping up and scrubbing your car, then drive through the automatic sprayer thing, and then some more people drying it by hand. I think it's around $12 and - the best part - it only takes a few minutes. Very easy and convenient for those of us who have negative extra time but can't face the neighbors one more day in that filthy car. Someday we might even get the interior done. GO

Please make sure when you choose a car wash that you pick one that doesn't pollute our creeks and the bay. (Some answering posts referred to families that set up shop on the street for carwashing.) Any soap that ends up on streets gets washed into storm drains that head to creeks or the bay without any treatment. Approved car washes should have a drainage system that sends dirty water to a sanitary sewer that sends the water through the treatment plant. You can help protect the bay by making informed choices.
Let's keep our waters clean

Someone to protect Honda Odyssey interior and exterior

July 2005

Just got a new Honda Odyssey, and it is working out great. I didn't want to pay Honda for putting a sealer over the paint job or scotch-guarding the seats, as I figured they just outsource it anyway. anyone have a recommendation for someone to do those things? Thank you. Bryan

I cannot get a hold of Corporate Butler and Classic Care shops recommended in the archives nor find them in the yellow pages. Do you have recommendations for other car detail businesses? Thanks. Simona

I just had my car detailed at Titan detailing, 33rd and Broadway in Oakland. They did an excellent job, got rid of ALL the dog hair (2 yrs worth) in my SUV. They will pick up and return your vehicle. They're new to Oakland, but have been in SF for several years. See Michael, the ambitious and friendly young owner. Anon

I would highly recommend Alberty's Auto Detailing on Delaware St. near San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley. They do a wonderful job, have years of experience, and a great reputation. The place itself is a bit of a hole in the wall, but don't let that deter you. In addition to regular cars, they detail lots of classic cars such as Ferraris, Aston Martins, etc. The phone number is 510-526-1987. Kim

I would like to give a wonderful positive recommendation for Alberti's detailing, at 1809 San Pablo (at Delaware, behind the auto shop), 510-526-1987. Alberti was referred to me by Bob's Volvo (who also did a superb job of checking my car before driving across country). Alberti did a lovely job of cleaning my car inside and out, vacumm, shampooing upholstery, waxing, Very nice older gentleman, too. He and his relatives do this for a living.

Nov 2004

Can anyone recommend a good car detailer? I work in Emeryville and would like to have it done one day while I am at work. If you know of one that is further away but can detail the car on the weekend that would also work. My main goal is that they are quick and can get out the spilled milk smell on my back seats! Thanks. Carolyn

If you are looking for a great place to get your Car/Van/Suv washed,waxed and detailed, go to C Burns at 5839 International Blvd(corner of Seminary and International Blvd) in Oakland. I took my BMW there and Greg, the owner, did an wonderful job. He washed the interior/exterior and detailed the body. It went from filthy to fantastic!! He will come and pick up your car or you can go there. The phone number is (510) 472-3352 for appointments or information.

Feb 2004

Anybody have any up-to-date reccomendations for car detailers ? harlan

I just had my Honda CRV done by the Corporate Butler. It was reasonably priced and the guy spent over four hours on my car. He came to my house, which was convenient--and the car looks great. Corporate Butler 376-1365

We use Gary Wells owner of ProShine for car detailing. We saw Gary's mobile truck at a neighbors house and finally got around to calling him. Heartily recommend Gary. His # 510.381.1342 Harlan

2003 & Earlier

Looking for mobile detailing service


I am seriously thinking about having my grubby, crumb-besmirched, coffee-splattered car detailed. Does anyone have any recommendations or warnings about either mobile services that do this sort of job, or places in the North Oakland-Berkeley area? I could also do Walnut Creek during the work week. Thanks so much. Wendy

If your are looking for a Great Mobile Detailing Service Try The Corporate Butler .They are mobile but they also have locations at major office Buildings through out the Bay Area. Primarily in Berkeley, Concord and Walnut Creek. What best about the service is they come to you and does your car while you are at work. No lines no wait. What even makes it better is you see results and they don't miss the french fries between the seats. There number is 510-376-1365. Tonya

Kath, the owner of Classic Care (510/339-7013, ccadkjp [at] in Oakland, did a fastidious job (at my house) for $85.00. As I recall, this did not include a wax job, but my poor car was very well washed, the wheels scrubbed, hub caps polished (chrome, too, I think), and the interior vacuumed and shampooed within an inch of its neglected life. Having said that, I must admit that I'm just as satisfied with a decent--and much cheaper--wash/vacuum/wipe performed by a neighborhood church as a fundraiser. (On the other hand, unlike some Americans, I've never been obsessive about my car.) Getting a good detail job was an interesting experience, though, and I would be happy to recommend this particular business. Melanie