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May 2008

Re: Mechanic for a Dodge Caravan
I recommend Campus Auto at 1752 Shattuck Ave. Their number is 845-8828. I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan that I have been taking there after the dealer told me I needed $8,000 worth of work. My van isn't even worth that much. So I took it to Campus Auto and they checked everything out that the dealer had said I needed done. They fixed a few things that needed repair right away for $600. The other things were not immediately necessary and we have been keeping an eye on them. They even showed me under my car what we needed to watch. I feel they are honest and they do a good job. And they are conveniently located for me. I usually deal with Pat. Give them a call. julie


I would like to recommend my car mechanic, Campus Auto Care on Shattuck Ave & Francisco (within walking distance from campus and shuttles); their phone # is 845-8828. I was referred to them by my co-worker about 1 year 1/2 ago when I was getting frustrated by my ex-mechanic who was overcharging me and treating me like an ignorant female! John at Campus Auto Care (he is the boss) always explained to me thoroughly what the problem was, what repair they made on the van, what would need to be done in the future. Every time I went to pick up my van he took the time to lift up the hood, explain to me and SHOW me what he was talking about, and I can honestly say that I have become much more knowledgeable about car engine!! Also they are honest and won't try to charge you for unnecessary repairs your car doesn't need at the moment. A recent experience: since Campus Auto were closed for the holidays, I tried--again--to go back to my former mechanic for brake work but they wanted to charge me $350 for front brake pads and rotors (which my van didn't need) and I got suspicious and was right to wait: Campus Auto only charged me $140 for the pads Patricia