Berkeley Bob's (Berkeley, CA)

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    Editor Note: Berkeley Bob's was previously known as Bobs Volvo Specialists

May 2011

Re: Reasonably priced auto mechanic for Volvo wagon
We Love Bob's Volvo in Berkeley. They have done exceptional work on our 2001 Volvo, are honest, hard working, reliable, always courteous, and we feel their rates are very fair. When they were puzzled by a problem with our car, they worked repeatedly on it until it was solved - and only charged us the first time. This was a problem with the fuel line that was discussed online and believed to be unsolvable. Bob's solved it, and we were quite proud of them. We feel very lucky to have found them. Kirstin

Dec 2010

Dear BPN, I am the owner of an automotive garage which appears on the BPN site. Bob's Volvo Specialists is the heading you have for us however we now work on Volvo, Toyota, Honda, Acura and Lexus automobiles and we have changed our operating name to Berkeley Bobs. Can you please change us business name to Berkeley Bobs? Melissa Holmes

April 2005

Re: Super-competant Volvo repair service?
Bob's volvo on San Pablo near Carleton is great. I used to go to Walsh Brothers, but found them to be so packed every time I needed a repair that I had to wait a couple days for them to fit me in. Bob's has always done a super job, been super flexible about timing/getting my car on their schedule, etc., and has always prioritized my repairs for me because they know I am always broke (single mom, grad student, you get the idea...). They also have always worked with me to reduce the cost of repairs (i.e., finding used parts rather than expensive new ones, etc.). I really, really trust them to fix my 1988 Volvo 740 GLE, and would completely trust them to handle a brand new Volvo, too. Their number is 510-548-7140. Tell them I sent you. Elizabeth

Re: Good Volvo mechanic in Berkeley (Feb 2005)
We just used Bob's on San Pablo for a 90K tune-up and they did a great job. My husband called around to several mechanics in Berkeley to price their services out, and Bob's was the cheapest AND the most apparently knowledgeable. Volvo girl
Re: Mechanic to assess used Volvo (Nov 2003)
I have a 1991 Volvo wagon with lots of mileage... I used Bob's Volvo shop and they were OK, they are located on San Pablo, I think their phone number is 548-7140. They seem to be very busy so sometimes it took them a while before being able to give me an app. to fix the car. Good luck, Eva
From: Patrice

Re: recommendations for a good Volvo mechanic
I've been taking my ''88 240 DL to Bobs Volvo Specialists since 1993. I've always felt good about the work they do (they seem fair). They are located on San Pablo Ave in Berleley, just north of Ashby. Their phone # is (510)548-7140.