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Nov 2007

Re: Honda car service in Berkeley or nearby?
For Honda (or general auto service) I would recommend Auto Plus in Albany (on San Pablo across from Albany Bowl, 510 527-0100 ). We take our '06 Accord and '98 Wrangler there for regular and ''irregular'' service, and have been satisfied every time with both the work and the ''vibe'' from the guys who run the place--they are honest and friendly. It is within walking distance of the El Cerritto BART station which is also a plus if you don't have other means of getting there. Todd F

Nov 2005

I am new to the bay area and I was having a very hard time looking for a good and honest auto repair shop. I have an old 1990 Honda. It just stopped in the freeway once and I towed it to the nearest auto shop. They kept it for a week and were very expensive. The car was doing fine and after three months it stopped again. I took it to same place again because they didn't fix it properly but they were charging again.

Then I took it to Auto Plus on San Pablo, in Albany. It is beside Radio Shack. They were very nice and fixed the problem and their rate was much less than the other shop. They also showed me other little problems in my car which could have gotten worst later on. It has been a year now and my car is running fine. I would recommend Auto plus to anyone who has no prior experience with mechanic shops. It is run by two brothers and they are very helpful and honest. Call them at (510)527-0100 Monica

Re: Looking for good and honest VW mechanic (Nov 2005)
I want to recommend Auto Plus auto repair services for any kind of American, Japanese or European cars. It is located at 567 San Plablo Ave in Albany, very close to El Cerrito Plaza. It is right across Albay Bowling. I know they specialize in Honda and Acura. I bought a used 1999 Beetle whcih made a noice when driven slowly. I took it to a few places but I wasn't satisfied with their job, they charged alot and the sound came back after a few weeks. My friend recommended Auto Plus.

The owner and the manager at Auto plus are very friendly and trusting. They found the problem and explained it very clearly. Their rates were much better than the other places. I have been taking my car their for oil changes and regular check ups and I am very satisfied with their job. Their number is - 510-527-0100. MM

From: Maura

Try AUTOPLUS in albany (510) 527-0100. They are located just a few blocks north of Solano Avenue, on San Pablo Avenue, convenient to BART transport. Formerly Gilman Imports of Gilman Street for many years--and long serving many locals and UC faculty--they have a very good reputation in the area. They were voted Best of The Bay by the Express a few years back when Auto Repair was a category in their annual poll.

The staff are always professional and will take the time to discuss any problem you have. They are also very honest, fair, reliable, efficient, and offer very competitive pricing. I don't have a Toyota, but I know that they specialize in foreign made cars.