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Nov 2006

Re: Where do you take your Audi?
We bought a used Audi Allroad last year and I took it to Oakland Audi to get it checked out and serviced. The customer service was quite good, they actually gave us a full 50,000 mile service for the car at no charge (even though the car had 43,000 miles on it they realized that the factory warranty would expire before we would be due for that major maintenance). Since it was raining, they also offered me a lift to BART, and when the car wasn't ready at the end of the day, they provided me with a rental car (again at no charge and on the premises) so I could pick up my son from daycare on time. As a result of their good service, we took the car back several months ago to have them replace the tires. Audi keeps all of their records on a data server, so they just enter your VIN and can get all the maintenance history for your vehicle at their fingertips. I've found them to be very responsive and professional in my interactions with them. One word of warning, they do get busy and backed up in the mornings with many people dropping off their cars before work, so if you end up using them leave yourself enough time Fellow EB Audi Driver