Unitech (Berkeley, CA)

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June 2007

Re: Subaru Repairs in Berkeley/El Cerrito
I have been going to Bunta at Unitech (753 Folger) just behind Ashbey Lumber. I started with Unitech 11 years ago when I had an Isuzu. Then I got a Subaru and after a year of going to the dealer, was delighted to realize Bunta took care of Subarus as well. He is reasonably priced, honest, and high quality. I wish he could take care of my new Toyota - I've asked him to consider adding Toyotas! He is really just the best!!! Phone number 510-843-9118 keley

Re: Mechanic for 1998 Isuzu Rodeo April 2006
I use to have an Isuzu Amigo and now have a Subaru. For both cars I have had the best, most honest and reasonably priced service from Unitech at 753 Folger Ave. (Ashbey & 7th) in Berkeley. Ask for Bunta. This is the ONLY place I will take my car. In my many years of experience dealerships have allways been the absolutely biggest and least honest rip-off for automomile maintenance - that holds for every car I have ever owned even beyond the Isuzu or Subaru. best of luck. Keley
Re: Small Subaru shop in Oakland (Nov 2005)
Unitech is friendly and small. It is near Ashby and the freeway in Berkeley. Buntah and Buntan are brothers who run the place. # 843-9118 a happy subaru family
Re: Mitsubishi (Sept 2002)
We take our ancient Mitsubishi Mirage (and our slightly less ancient Subaru) to Unitech on Folger in South Berkeley; it's located just south of Ashby on the connecter from Seventh to Hollis. We've been very happy with the service there; the mechanics seem to know what they're doing, they don't push unnecessary services and their bills seem fair. The guy we deal with, Buntha, does speak English with a pretty thick accent (he's southeast Asian, I think), if that matters to you, but we've been able to communicate pretty well. Holly
Re: Mechanic for Subaru Outback (Aug 2002)
I've been taking my Suburu to Unitech for several years now. They work mostly on Suburus and their prices seem low. They will drop you off/pick you up at BART or your office if its nearby. Super nice people! I don't have the phone number, but it's in the phone book. (They are on Folger Street right at the Hollis and Ashby intersection. Next door to Ashby Lumer.) - Candace