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August 2001

Are there any great print or web resources through which to find out about events in the East Bay/San Francisco that parents and children can enjoy together? I'm thinking, for example, about outdoor music and dance performances, fairs, magic or acrobatics shows, etc. etc. I haven't found any single place that lists a substantial number of such events, and cannot believe there are not more than I'm finding! I've looked at Parents' Press, the Sunday Chronicle, and the East Bay Express. Inbal GoCityKids is an e-mail newsletter that comes once a week. They have a web page too that lists both special events and regular things to do, and you can sort by type of activity and by region. I really like their suggestions, although they don't have as many east bay events as I'd like. To sign up for the newsletter, go to the web site. http://www.GoCityKids.com Dashka

Try www.gocitykids.com Kathy
Try gocitykids.com. They have a great email newsletter that I subscribe to. Helena
Events: For a list of outdoor fairs and festivals contact the Berkeley Public Library - They have a printed list! And come to the Solano Stroll on Sept. 9! LB